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Many years ago a hero was born, he was thought in the way of the sword, and of the spear. His soul brimmed with light, and he was the Legendary Hero of Time. The tales of his life and death shall be told here today. This is the story of Hero's Shade.


Link awoke from his bed, his close torn his body aching. For this teenage boy his life was about to be changed. He awoke and walked down the stais, his father sat at the the table eating. Link pulled up a chair next to his father. The two silently ate together. Link finished his breakfast and walked outside, the smell of fresh air filled his nostrils. He gazed at Hyrule Castle. He took a deep breath and went to work.

Chapter One

Life was hard for Link, he worked day and night only stopping to sleep. His body ached he lifted crate and stowed it in the room. Winter was coming and all the wheat and fruit had to be stowed away. A cold breeze shifted down his spine, he turned and lifted another crate, he then stowed it away. He heard a loud noise, like an army. He ran out and saw it, an army of horsemen, lead by a Gerudo. Link grabbed his sword, he had stashed behind two wooden crates and ran.

He got to his town...but not soon enough, the entire village slaughtered, he kicked open his house door and found his father, a slash across his chest.

  • Blood everywhere, he grabbed his father, "Dad, no...don't go, Please...don't..."
  • The father smiled, "Son, its okay..." the father's smile turned to a frown, "good bye...Link"
  • Tears ran down his cheeks, "Dad no...NO!" he screamed. He picked up his sword, and vowed revenge.

Two Years later. Link aged, his strength had nearly doubled, his arms were thick. His hair long, his hear filled with rage. The Gerudos were getting bolder and bolder, robbing random towns and such. Link joined the Hylian Army to stop the Gerudo savage who murdered his father. His training was going well. He was well trained in the way of the spear, and Bow & Arrow, but his specialty was the sword. His commanding officer rushed in and shouted, "The Gerudos" They're attacking Kalam Woods!", he paused and took a deep breath, "Saddle up, were going!".

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