Legend's Wake series
Developer(s) VictoryStar
Genre(s) Action RPG
First Game Legend's Wake
Nintendo 3DS

The Legend's Wake series is a series of games and a Pokémon side series. The first game in the series is Legend's Wake.


Before entering a level, players must choose three characters—with one being the player character and the other two being AI-controlled. Each character can jump, move around, attack, and use moves. While exploring the level, enemy encounters will occur, and they happen in real-time. The player character and his/her allies then have to fight the group, then are allowed to move on. During an enemy battle, characters are restricted by a barrier that surrounds the area. The barrier disappears once the encounter is over.

Allies must be given Roles, or special titles that determine what they do. There are three types of Roles: Soldier, Specialist, and Healer. Soldiers mainly use standard attacks and combos. Specialists mainly use moves and will often use PP-restoring items. Healers will use items when his or her party members get low on HP, get a status condition, or get low on PP. Players that like to use items own their own should give their allies the Soldier Role.

Characters fight by using standard attacks and moves. Moves are stronger than standard attacks, but run on Power Points (or PP). Once a move's PP is depleted, it cannot be used anymore until a PP-restoring item is used. Just like in the regular Pokémon games, characters can level up and learn new moves. In fact, each character learns moves at the same level they would in the main series games. Each character can only hold four moves. However, moves can be switched in and out at will when outside a level. Moves can be upgraded in power, and can even obtain special attributes. Characters can also learn TMs, but they are not stored in their move memory if they're replaced by a new move. Players are able to save movesets and give them names.

In levels, characters are able to get items. They appear as Poké Balls lying on the ground, and when they're picked up, they open, revealing the item. Items are classified as being either medicine, battle items, or held items. Some items (specifically medicine and battle items) can be bought in shops, while others (held items) can be found in levels.

When enemies are defeated, they drop HP orbs and money. Defeating an enemy also grants points that add to the player's score on the level. Points can be used as currency to upgrade party members' moves.

After defeating a boss and completing the level, a number of side missions are unlocked for that level. They usually consist of small tasks that the party must complete, such as finding a lost item or defeating a certain enemy.


Game System Year Released
Legend's Wake Wii / Nintendo 3DS 2011