Lee Koroshi-Ya
Lee Koroshi 2014
Lee Koroshi-Ya's basic appearance since 2014
Full Name Lee Koroshi-Ya
Gender Male
Location Lillipup Town
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Hitto Koroshi (Ancestor)
Main Weapon(s) Waterball
Water Jets
Various Psychic and Water powers
First Appearance Faitingu: Origins (2011)

Lee Koroshi-Ya is a Water/Psychic (type)-type Tyrogue, and the main character in the Faitingu series. Lee uses many water bombs, water balls, water jets and other psychic powers.

Physical Appearance

Lee is a blue and pink Tyrogue who is never seen with his blue mask. Lee sometimes wears green wristbands and sunglasses.


Faitingu series

Lee appears as one of the main characters of the Faitingu series. He appeared in Faitingu: Origins as one of the heroes who defeated the ancient evil Akuma Kodai. He also appeared in the sequel, Faitingu: Strengths, where he was trapped in a force field for a large portion of the game. He also got to meet his ancestor Hitto in Faitingu: Strengths and seems to have developed a small crush on his friend Julie Kasai.

Fantendo Kart: Helden

Lee appears as a default character in the game Fantendo Kart: Helden, which marks the debut of him in a crossover game. Lee's signature item of Water Jet consists of him placing an orb of water on the back of his kart and blasting forward with a water jet behind him.

His stats are as follows:

Character Class Personal Karts Stat Changes Special Item
Lee Koroshi-Ya All-Around Jet Glider
Power Bouncer
Speed - 5/10

Acceleration - 5/10
Weight - 4/10
Drift - 6/10
Handling - 5/10
Rarity - 3/5

Water Jet

Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny

Lee Koroshi-Ya was set to appear in Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny.



  • Lee went through many names in production of the series, some being: Waht R., Sam Feron, Bruce Wettnet and Ty Faitingu.
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