Enemy - Lee-Lee
Location Crowtol
HP 1700
Attack 130
Defence 120
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "Look at that Lucario... he needs to work out more."
I'm going to ENJOY hurting you!
Lee-Lee, right before his battle begins.

Lee-Lee is a henchman and a hitmonlee (though Lee-Lee calls himself a hitman-lee) working for the ill-tempered, ruthless mob boss, Fat Floyd in Lucario's Quest. He is usually assigned to "beat fools senseless, or end their life early" due to their meddling in Floyd's business, or owing them something and trying to avoid paying. He is also a minor boss, fought as Lucario tries to leave the west side of Crowtol.


Fat Floyd found Lee-Lee as a child, and although their history goes back a very long way, Lee-Lee is not the "right hand" of Floyd's operations. He does, however, carry out hits that Floyd may have, and almost always, they are successful.

During the events of Lucario's Quest, Lee-Lee is first found rushing towards Lucario as he tries to leave the west side of Crowtol, telling him that Floyd personally told him to get rid of him, as he's "meddling". Shocked, Lucario prepares for battle as Lee-Lee rushes forward, battling him.

After Lee-Lee is defeated, he runs away, though he comes back later, aiding Fat Floyd in battle, failing miserably and is sent away with his tail between his legs.


Lee-Lee can be considered endearing of the pain he causes others, perhaps because Floyd once tells him that if he doesn't, he would be kicked out of the gang.

He also has a sort of pride to the fact that he is more agile with his legs than any human he has ever met, something that Lucario also takes note of.


Being that he is a hitmonlee, his legs are his main focus point, though he sometimes uses his arms. When he charges his leg back, Lucario must block with all of his might or use an item to make him transparent, as the kick can cut through armor with a fiery inferno.


  • He is the first enemy Pokémon fought.
  • He claims that he is a "hitman lee", which is a pun on his species name.

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