Full Name The Lectroad Clan
Gender Males and Females
Species Reptile-like Creatures
Current Status Living
First Appearance Skip and Sqak (Remake) (2015)
Lectroads are the Main Enemies in the re-imagined Skip and Sqak. They are sinister reptiles who enjoy bullying the critters living in the Peacific Ocean Islands. They were formerly led by Emporer Dante before his defeat to Skip and Sqak.

Description and Nature

All Lectroad's skins are dark grey and have yellow glowing eyes. Most of them seem to resemble a newts/geckos, while others seem to resemble other animals such as fish, pachyderms, and insects.

Lectroads also love to build modern, polluting areas such as factories and toxic dumps using captured critters to do all the hard labor. Despite forcing critters to do the factory work for them, they are shown to be well with mechanics too such as fixing pipes.


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