Gender All Male
Species Reptile-like Monsters
Align Evil
Class Enemies
First Appearance Skip and Sqak (Remake) (2015)
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Lectroads are the Main Enemies in the re-imagined Skip and Sqak. They are sinister reptile-like creatures who enjoy bullying the critters living in the Peacific Ocean Islands. They were formerly led by Emporer Dante before his defeat to Skip and Sqak.

Description and Nature

All Lectroad's skins are dark grey and have yellow glowing eyes. Their appearance seems to be a mix of a lizard, snake and crocodile.

Lectroads also enjoy terrifying and harrassing the little critters just for their own amusement.


  • Emperor Dante (Leader/Deceased)
  • Vizer Vego (Dante's Lacky)
  • Creepup
  • Bouncy Billy
  • Wrocky
  • Terror-Dactyl
  • Zpark
  • Belching Bob
  • Large Lug
  • Slithering Sid
  • Slippery Sid
  • Spiky Sid
  • Balloon Buffoon
  • Tongue Twisted
  • Elec-Trick
  • TBA