Leah Needlenam in the Graveyard of Gods was a 2D animated film directed by Exotoro. The film would have followed Leah Needlenam and her journey to find god... and steal his organs. The project was officially cancelled on Wednesday, April 29, 2015.


The plot was originally stated to be this:

X-Ray seems to be incredibly sick and Leah can't figure out what is or how to cure it. She sets out looking for a panacea to cure X-Ray. She hunts in the mountains of Himalayas after a old man on the street tells her to look there, where she finds nothing. After hearing a pastor talk about God, she realizes that she must steal God's organs.

She then takes a rest in a bar, where she meets a girl named Tracy. Tracy is mildly entertained by her story and decides to follow her along on her quest to find God.

More details came as it was cancelled: Leah would have gone to the Pentagon, where the government had found connections with God, dubbed PENTAGOD by Leah and Tracy. Most of the movie would have followed Leah and Tracy up against deities named Baal and Angie. The end of the movie would have Leah succeeding in her goal, with the end of the movie featuring a healed X-Ray. It was scrapped as none of the movie factored into what was already out concerning Leah canon.


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