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Were you looking for the original version of the character that Exotoro made?
Leah Needlenam (ZAXALT)
Full Name Leah Needlenam
Date of Birth September 8
Gender Female
Location Edgalaxy
Current Status Alive; too well
Class Antagonist
Leah Needlenam is a psychotic biologist in ZAXALT, working on multiple experiments in order to bring her dead girlfriend X-Ray back to life. Separated from society as she became so feared after mutating herself with genes of aggressive plants, she began to live in her basement, and became wild and ferocious, having devolved so much that she began living as a double life, as both a human working on important experiments and a plant attempting to survive in the human world.

Physical Description

While this Leah slightly resembles her original counterpart, she now wears a white lab coat, has her hair tied up in a ponytail, and her entire bottom half (below her belly button) has been turned into plant-like substance, green and prickly like cacti. Two large and prickly vines extend from around her hips, which can be used to attack opponents or grab things her hands can't. She retains her needle finger.


Not only is Leah smarter and more powerful than most human beings, she has many abilities that plants have. Leah thrives in equal amounts of sunlight and rain, and gains energy from the ground when she roots her cacti-like bottom half to it. She is most powerful when it's sunny, and can survive harsh heat waves. She can also survive heavy floods, too. Leah does not survive in any sort of cold conditions, however, so she keeps her house to a steady high temperature to work in.

Leah is immune to most types of disease, and benefits from...unusual things, such as fertilizer. The more Leah grows, the most intelligent and yet more aggressive she becomes. Leah can form venus flytrap mouths on her body, form vines as extra hands, or control nature around herself to her advantage. She can also send roots across the ground and tear up things underground or unroot things from their current positions.

Despite her plant-changed body, Leah still looks rather human, and is fully capable of speech. She can move arms and legs like any other being, but her organs change -- she no longer has a human heart, her entire body must be split in order to actually kill her. Her brain is in the same place, but it's more protected, too. Her body also becomes softer and less boney in structure. Her blood is green, too. Beyond a few other tweaks, her body is very much a human's body.


She seems to be rather sane, but tells people strictly to stay out of her basement and not to touch her. She is very stern, and oversees the actions of those near her, not wanting others to screw up. If she feels threatened or if she's attacked, she will retaliate with an attack of her own immediately, and shows no remorse whatsoever when she fights, preferring to make her battles short and to the point. Leah is aggressive, but is willing to remain calm if its vital for her.

She lacks the rudeness and inappropriateness of her original self, she is instead "polite", uses complex words, and avoids using curse words if she can help it. While rather buried from society, she will allow invited guests into her home, as long as they promise not to mess about. When alone, she buries herself and plays around with her odd, plant-like body, still fascinated by her choice of mutation and joining with nature.



Leah is always amazed by Unten and his accomplishments, and frequently invites him to see her experiments, but he doesn't come three quarters of the time. Leah is a little envious of Unten, but it doesn't matter too much to her.


  • The idea for a plant-Leah was inspired by the Goosebumps book Stay Out Of The Basement, and also her original's deity form.
  • Leah used to be a children's hospital doctor until she mutated herself with aggressive plant genes. During that time, she went by Doctor Needlenam.
    • The only reason why she kept her needle finger (which replaced her left pinkie like with all other doctors in that hospital) is because she wanted to remember her non-insane, rather casual past. She sometimes uses the needle to inject juices into other plants.
  • When Leah gets depressed, she binges on jars of flies.
  • Leah's favorite animal is cows, as they benefit her with fertilizer.
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