League of Fantendo Critics 2.0 is a reboot of the original League of Fantendo Critics by Solarrion (tbc). The goal of the League is to provide reviews of user's articles to give them feedback on articles which may have been overlooked through normal browsing. 


Critical View

Main Article: Critical View

Critical View is a returning show from the previous League, which specializes in giving summarized paragraph(s) on the article. It doesn't go into too much depth, but provides some food for thought for the creator. It is owned by Solarrion (tbc).


Main Article: Fantendo - Evaluation

Fantendo - Evaluation is a brand new service that goes in-depth into the pros and cons of the articles it reviews and gives heavy recommendations on improvements for the article. It is owned by KinglerMaster (tbc).


Main Article: Cold As Hell Critic

Cold As Hell Critic Is a brand new show that reviews a page, unfinished or finished, in a medium-sized review to critisize and give recommendations on improvements, it is owned by CryoticYoshi (tbc).


Main Article: Reviewkancho

Reviewkancho is a new show owned and hosted by AgentMuffin (tbc). Articles are rated from S to F based on several factors that depend on the type of page. Both finished and unfinished articles can be submitted for review.

A day that ends in Y

Main Article: A Day that ends with Y

A Day that ends with Y is a new review show created by the ever elusive Y (tbc). Unfinished or not, Y will review your games to see if they're swagtastic or not. Remember, it's always a day that ends in why.


Main Article: Syi-View

Syi-View is a reviewing page hosted by Syi, although obviously she speaks under .snickedge (tbc)'s words. It's a simple review page without anything too special about it, except for its star system (7 normal stars, 2 creative stars, 1 organization star).

Critical hit logo

Main Article: Critical Hit

Critical Hit is a pretty basic review show hosted by Fuzzy (tbc), where both finished and unfinished games are reviewed and given a score based off of several rankings, with Dirt being the lowest rank and Platinum the highest.


Main Article: Ordinary Crit

Ordinary Crit is a review system run by Vonn Karma (tbc). As the name suggests, if you're looking for an ordinary review on your article, pointing out highs, lows and improvements for the article, this is a good spot to go. The rankings range between 1-5, named as "This..." with different degrees of like and dislike words used after.


Main Article: DynaCritic

DynaCritic is a somewhat basic review system created and run by EximiusMax (tbc) that reviews games and movies on Fantendo, both finsihed and unfinished. It gives an honest opinion plus some advice on how to improve a game. Ranks range from S to F based on a certain criteria.

Double Deck S1

Main Article: Double Deck

Double Deck is a review service run by LegendaryHero1023; the program primarily reviews game articles on Fantendo, but is also open to review movies and literature. The service is split into two distinct formats: Real Deal, which provides in-depth reviews with a focus on advice and analysis, and Quick Draw, which provides more concise reviews with a focus on delivering a rating on the project.

Hot Pizza 2.0

Hot Pizza is a system that calculates the average scores of critics based upon reviews of the critics involved with the League of Fantendo Critic. It works in the similar way of Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. If the article has a good average score (a score higher than 6.0), it is called a Hot Pizza, if the article has a bad average score (a score lower than 5.0), it is called a Cold Pizza, if the article has an overall average score (a score in between 5.0 and 6.0), then it is called a Neutral Pizza. An average score is calculated as long as the game has at least 3 reviews.

Average Score
HotPizzaIcon 9.4
Fantendo - Evaluation (10/10)
Well done with this article! I suggest reading this!
Cold As Hell Critic (10/10)
Anyways, I adore this game!
Ordinary Crit (10/10)
So apart from missing a couple details, i'm in love with this game. it certainly is amazing but you just need to finish off that character section.
Syi-View (9/10)
Superb, it should be said.
Reviewkancho (8/10)
Overall Radioactive is a great game, but there are still just a few kinks that should be worked out, a plot to get written down all the way, and a lot of characters that still need describing. Until then, this is an easy A from me. It isn't a nearly-perfect game, but it's damn well close!
Mario Kart Sprint
HotPizzaIcon 9.2
Critical View (10/10)
I'll award Mario Kart Sprint a 5/5 or 100%! Great job! The effort you've put into it is very clear to see!
Ordinary Crit (10/10)
This article is great. Better than great. It has a remarkable amount of detail, even in the things most people skip over. It introduces a good amount of new things, and is generally well done and appealing to look at. There's only a few nitpicks I have about the article, because overall it is fantastic.
A Day that ends with Y (10/10)
Wow! Uhm this is the first article i've done....and it's a fecking rainbow star. This game has a lot of time, energy and determination put into it. The grammar is in check, it has interesting concepts,and a wide variety of characters (My character would be BoomBoom)! Most importantly, the is a HELLA amount of love put into this! Ziegs keep up the awesome work!!
Syi-View (8/10)
A really interesting article with a cool roster to boot and unique tracks, and an overall good structural design. There's some things here that don't make the game break the mold for a Mario Kart game, but that's hard to do anyway. I love all the little details too, they make the article come alive.
Critical Hit (8/10)
Overall, this game deserves a Gold ranking!
Paper Mario: The Ancient Book
HotPizzaIcon 8.5
Critical View (10/10)
Overall I'll award Paper Mario: The Ancient Book 5/5 or 100%! Trust me, I would award it more if I could...
Fantendo - Evaluation (8/10)
Now, if it wasn't for the lack of certain content, this would easily be a 7/7. But otherwise, this is a beautiful article and I like it a lot. I'm surprised it isn't sysop approved! Anyways, good job with this!
Syi-View (8/10)
Not a complete article but it's pretty well done so far, the roster is unique and well done and everything's well structured and easy to read. The background on the tables is fantastic, too!
Reviewkancho (8/10)
On the whole, Paper Mario: The Ancient Book is a really good page, but there are some things that could use fixing up in my opinion. In other words, you get an A! Keep at it and stuff, because you're definitely on the right track with this, Ziegs.
Mario Party 11
HotPizzaIcon 8.0
Critical View (8/10)
I'm inspired to make my own Mario Party game now but I won't lol. I will rate this game a 4/5 or 80%! Purely because it's unfinished, I definitely look forward to seeing it complete and I'm sure it'll be a very high standard like all your other stuff. If only my fan games were 10% as good as yours hot damn.
Syi-View (8/10)
This is a really good article! I'm surprised by people's quality works sometimes. It's mostly complete, which is good, and it boasts a lot of cool looking stuff! It doesn't change too much in Mario Party, but it's a generally good looking game with good concepts. Nice.
Ordinary Crit (8/10)
Mario Party 11, boy I will be interested to see how the real thing will turn out (presumably it'll come out soon) but for the mean time, Zieg's your version of it is pretty damn great.
HotPizzaIcon 7.6
Syi-View (10/10)
I've actually already seen this! The roster is full of unique and lovable characters, everyone is by default lovable and I really enjoy the page's structure. It is one of the most unique games I've ever seen on the wiki and all the art is original and not recolored or anything. Good job! Everything is so well described may not be a complete article, but it's a darn good one!
Ordinary Crit (8/10)
I really like this page. I cannot wait for it to be finished because the only real problem it has is that it isn't finished, and of course the Slenderman. Once the page is done you might see me bumping the score up, so get working Pyro.
DynaCritic (8/10)
It's not S rank, but very close to it and it's overall a very, very good game! Great work on it!
A Day that ends with Y (6/10)
However, I feel as if i'm unsure about what exactly is going on in the game. BUT, development has it's quirks so it's not all that bad. There is definitely love, put into this. So this is worthy of a Gold Star
Critical View (6/10)
Based on that, I will award your article a 3/5 because I really like where your going with this game, however it lacks in game content such as Game Modes. (Obviously if this game isn't complete then I would suggest incorporating more modes into the game.) When you make a big update alert me and I'll update my review!
Sonic Adventure 3
ColdPizzaIcon 4.2
Syi-View (5/10)
Overall it's a decent article that needs a lot of touchups, and once a few of them are in place, I'll be able to review this article again. Also, Eggman...producing gas?----
Reviewkancho (4/10)
All in all, Sonic Adventure 3 needs some work in a few areas, which, being unfinished, I'm aware it's going to get. And maybe it's just that I'm not really into Sonic games, but it just doesn't seem that special so far. For those reasons, I'm giving Sonic Adventure 3 a C. Not bad, but not particularly interesting either. Put some more work into this to fix up the issues I've pointed out, and I'll happily give it a higher rating!
Critical View (4/10)
Eh, no offense, but considering you slate other articles for being imperfect I was expecting a masterpiece with this but it's very middle of the road for me. I think the tables are quite dull albeit colourful, and I don't find the story all that interesting tbh. But it's clear you've worked hard on it, that's for sure.
Ordinary Crit (4/10)
The page looks very simply like it could be the same thing as Sonic Adventure 1 or 2, and that really taints my view of this page. There is quite a lot of detail going in but its just hindered by an overall boring and generic game.