Not to be confused with another form of the same name.
Leaf Mario

The first Leaf Mario from Super Mario Universe: Wormhole Ahead, artwork by Lumoshi

Leaf Mario is one of Mario's Power-Ups. He obtains it from the Tree Flower. He can shoot leaves that can cut/slice a Planel to get to a secret entrance. When you jump into the air and spin, a big leaf will appear below you and you can hover anywhere, just like a hoverboard.


Super Mario Universe: Wormhole Ahead

Its new to the game! Leaf Mario is found in current places.

Super Mario Galaxy: Ultimate Quest

It also appear at Super Mario Galaxy: Ultimate Quest. It that form in the game, Mario can shoot leaves that when hit the ground, it create vines. The player can use the vines to reach and swing freely and also to trap enemies, such as Choppahs. The player can also jump and, then, spin to create a giant leaf and use it to float like a hoverboard for a few seconds. But you need to watch out for poison, otherwise both the power and Mario will be blundered!