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Developer(s) Super Leaf Studios
Manufacturer(s) Super Leaf Studios
Console Type Home Console
Generation 8th Generation
Online Connectivity Yes
Release Date(s)
June 15, 2013
Discontinued January 1, 2017
Units sold 1.2M (As of May 21, 2016)
Media LeafBox Optical Disc
Successor Nintendo FutureX

The LeafBox is the First console produced by Super Leaf Studios.


Super Leaf Studios Announced that they were producing a console in March 2012. It was announced at E3 2012 as the LeafBox, and was released on June 15, 2013, with New Super Mario Bros. LeafBox as a Launch Title. The console went on to have many 3rd party releases, although very few First Party and Nintendo ones. On Decemnber 4, 2015, the Nintendo FutureX was announced, and Legomaps said the LeafBox would be slowing down, and would likely be discontinued within the next 15 months, with an exact discontinuation date to be determined prior to Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive 2016. On March 20, 2016, Legomaps announced the direct successor to the LeafBox codenamed "Hatteras", after the location on North Carolina's Outer Banks. The "Hatteras" was officially announced as the LeafBox 2 on June 20, 2016, along with the discontinuation date of January 1, 2017 for the Original.


The LeafBox is a traditional console, but features support for the Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuk, GameCube Controller, Classic Controller, and Wii U Pro Controller. It comes with a Wii U Pro Controller as well. It is backwards compatible with all Wii and GameCube Games.

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