Le Ghoul is video game developed by Namcom. It is released in November 2005 for the Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox and PSP. The story is when ghost hunters come to a mansion full of ghosts and capture alot, so the Ghost Gang decide to teach those hunters some haunting manners.

Playable Ghosts

  • Buzz: The Main Protagonist. He is a scottish green ghost who is the leader of the Ghost Gang.
  • Wally: The Deuteragonist. He is a british orange ghost who is best friends with Buzz.
  • Spike: The other Deuteragonist. He is a canadian-american blue ghost who is the largest member of the gang.
  • Mifi: The Tritagonist. She is a french pink ghost who is the neat freak of the gang.


The game sets in the "Tenebris Lamia Manor" (Dark Ghoul Manor in Latin) in the middle of a forest inhabited by anthropomorphic ghosts.

The game starts with the 4 protagonists: Buzz, Wally, Spike, and Mifi all sleeping on the same bed until they hear ghosts screaming. When they came to investigate, they saw ghosts being captured by Ghost Hunters led by Dr. Poltergeist who wants to study on the ghosts.

The ghost gang decide to save all the captured ghosts and scare the life outta the ghost hunters. They go all pver the big Tenebris Lamia Manor rescuing trapped ghosts and defeating ghost hunters, until the gang later got captured by Dr. Poltergeist and got locked up in his lab.

In the lab, the gang escaped and fought Dr. Poltergeist in his office. Dr. Poltergeist gets defeated by the Ghost Gang, but the damage from the battle causes the whole labratory to explode. The Ghost Gang escaped unharmed while Dr. Poltergeist was nowhere to be seen and they all have a celebration party with their freed ghost friends.

Other Ghosts

  • Trashy: A large yellow ghost who has a huge appetite and eats nonstop.
  • Slinx: A thin white ghost who acts very nervous than the other ghosts.
  • Lola: A goth teenage ghost who is NEVER happy.
  • Thug: A big red ghost with strong muscles.
  • Sagyig: An elderly ghost who is very wise and gives the Ghost Gang hints. Others call him "Sag" or "Yiggy".

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