Layla the Lava Chef
Date of Birth Around 2015
Gender Female
Species Animatronic Lava Monster
Current Status Active
Main Weapon(s) Food Plate
Ability/ies Disabling cameras
Vulnerable To Making her internal clock slower
Height Short-Average
Weight Medium
Sexuality Female Robot

Layla is an antagonist in Several Nights at Fierce's 3. She is a robotic cook and waiter in...that game's establishement. She, along with most other new Several Nights at Fierce's antagonists, are newer then the other characters.


Layla is a red lava monster, through she isn't made of actual lava (obviously). She moves around with wheels. Her body is made to look like a dress. She has two arms with simple pincer-like hands. The creature wears a pink bowtie, and carries a plate with a chicken leg on it most of the time. Her arms can only rotate in one direction because of the way her endoskeleton is made. She has two black eyes similar to Kirby's. Her endoskeleton can be seen in her neck and her shoulders.

Layla's eyes are actually large endoskeleton eyes that display the texture around them along with the eye itself. This allows her to make a variety of expressions, such as beign angry or sad, but also means she can change it to things like small jaws.


Layla has, like the others, a personallity, which is even more noticeable since she's newer. She is one of the most normal animatronics. She just does her job. Of course, she loves cooking, and actually puts time and effort into cooking her meals. She hates racism, sexism and other social injustices, and if she wasn't an animatronic she would probably fight to stop these injustices. In general she's seen as a kind and nice person.



  • It is unknown how her bowtie doesn't melt or burn, considering her character is made of lava.
  • Layla was the first new character to be revealed for Several Nights at Fierce's 3.