#??? Laxoala
-002 Laxoala
Normal and Shiny artwork of Laxoala in Pokemon Dawn and Dusk Versions.
Category Mystic Pokémon
Original Region Jinseo
National Dex Nr. #???
Jinseo Dex Nr. #002
Generation  ?
Pokémon Color Green
Type(s) Grass/Fairy
Ability/ies Overgrow
(Hidden: Own Tempo)
Average Height  ???
Average Weight  ???
Evolves From Koalush
Evolves Into Koalumin

Laxoala (Japanese: ミスアラ Misuara) is a Grass and Fairy type Pokemon. It evolves from Koalush at level 16 and into Koalumin at level 38.



Laxoala looks mostly the same as Koalush, except for a few minor differences. They now have a forest green "crown" on their head, and a forest green boomerang shaped object around its neck that helps it glide. The white wrapping on its face extends down like a small beard. It has a white mark on its belly as well. When sleeping, its body glows a lighter green color.

Special Abilities

Laxoala carries special psychic powers to defeat those who disturb its naps. When resting it gains enough power to destroy an area as big as Castelia City. It glows when sleeping, acting as a threatening sign signaling not to disturb it.


Laxoala act a lot like their pre-evolved forms, but they sleep much more, in order to amplify their powers. If disturbed, Laxoala becomes a ferocious and destructive force.


Laxoala are very well hidden, normally sleeping in places that are hard to see in. It joins Koalush at night in forests.


Laxoala do not need to eat as their sleep also gives them nutrients. When awake, they generally eat berries and leaves.

Game Data

Pokedex Entries

Pokemon Dawn Its gem produces an odd substance that flows through Laxoala's body, causing it to stay asleep through most of the day. Sleep powers its moves.
Pokemon Dusk It uses psychic powers to defend itself from attacking intruders. Although it appears kindhearted, it can be a ferocious and destructive force.
Pokemon Day

If it rests enough, it can gain enough power to cause an explosion big enough to obliterate an area as widespread as Castelia City.

Game Locations

None-Evolve Koalush


Base Stats

HP 72
Attack 52
Defense 79
Special Attack 71
Special Defense 82
Speed 62
Total 409

Level Up Moveset

Level Move
Start Pound
Start Growl
Start Vine Whip
5 Vine Whip
7 Fairy Wind
11 Psybeam
13 Confuse Ray
16 Razor Leaf
22 Charm
26 Moonlight
30 Nature Ball
33 Reflect
34 Light Screen
37 Lucky Chant
42 Energy Ball
46 Psychic
49 Moonblast
56 Aura Sphere


Laxoala was originally going to be Grass/Psychic, but changed to Grass/Fairy when the 18th type was introduced.

Despite most Pokedex entries saying it is more powerful and attacks when asleep, in game its moves do not boost in power nor can it even attack when asleep without the use of Snore and/or Sleep Talk.


Laxoala is based on koalas and elves. The fact that it sleeps a lot may come from sloths.

Name Origin

Laxoala's name is based on lax and koala.

Misuara is based on mystic and コアラ koara (koala).

Names In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
From mystic and コアラ koara (koala)
FrenchDormierreFrom dormir (sleep) and pierre (gem)
GermanDösenaFrom Dösen (sleep) and koala