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Lavender Town
Lavender town
Lavender Town in Generation I.
Greater Location Kanto
First Appearance Pokémon Red and Green Versions (1996)
Current Inhabitant(s)
Humans, Pokémon spirits
Location Type Town
Pokémon Tower

Lavender Town is a spooky based town in the Pokemon series. The town contains the Pokemon Tower which is haunted by a pokemon named "Ghost". The town includes everything a normal town has but comes with a creepy music and a spooky atmosphere.

The Tower

Lavender town tower

The first floor of the tower.

Upon entering the tower the music will change in to a more creepier music (although the normal lavender town music is still creepy) As you go up the stairs and progress through the tower you will see small mazes where the walls are made of Tomb stones. While walking around you will get in to battles against "Ghost"'s. These are unbeatable and are completely pointless. You can stop these from attacking you with a "Silph Scope". Just before the final room you will get a message. This will take you to a battle against yet another ghost however you will not be able to get to the top floor until you beat the ghost. You can only beat the ghost by using the "Silph Scope" which will turn the Ghost in to its "True form" which is actually a Marrowak. Upon entering the last floor you will meet Mr. Fuji who you were suppose to save. In later versions he says he was trying to calm the marrowak ghost.


"Ghost"'s original sprite


Pokemon green: A much creepier version of the song is used.

Pokemon red/blue/yellow: The infamous creepy pasta lavender town

Pokemon Gold/Silver: A more peaceful music, No longer haunted and the Ghost tower is now replaced with a Radio Tower.

Fire Red/Leaf Green: A remix of the song is used, Is creepy again.

Heart Gold/Soul Silver: Not creepy yet again.

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