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Yoshter Blargg
An image of Lava-Bob.
Gender Male
Species Blargg
Location Vanilla Dome Depths
Nether Cave
Current Status Retired
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Fire Breath
Shapeshifting Powers
Element(s) Fire
Ability/ies Shapeshifting
Vulnerable To Water
First Appearance Lava Path 64
Latest Appearance Fantendo Christmas Party
Blargg Squad - Leader
Family and Relations
Sandoom - Best Friend, Partner
Lava-Bob is a Blargg and the main protagonist of the Lava Path series. He is leader of the Blargg Squad.


Physical Appearance



Game Appearances

Fantendo Christmas Party

Lava-Bob appears in this game as a playable character.

Lava Path 64

Lava-Bob appears in this game as the main protagonist. He goes on an adventure to escape Mario in case he ever returns to Vanilla Dome.

Lava World

Lava-Bob appears in this game as the main protagonist. Not much information is known.

Fantendo RPG: Evolution

Lava-Bob appears in this game as a NPC that is fightable.

Project Fan10do

Lava-Bob appears in this game as a Close-Combat unit.

Fantendo Uprising

Lava-Bob appears as one of the many characters in this fan-fiction. His role is currently unknown, but he can be found at the Vanilla Dome Depths.



MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Active: See here.
Cancelled: Yoshi Quest

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