Late Night Mates
Producer(s) Laughball Interactive
Broadcaster(s) Netflix
Genre(s) Animated talk show
Country of Origin United States of America, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan
Original Language English, Spanish, Japanese
Season(s) 1
Runtime TBA
Status Upcoming

Late Night Mates is an animated talk show produced by Laughball Interactive for streaming on Netflix. The show features Walter Geist and the titular Late Night Mates and their twisted talk show produced by UTV, where they interview eccentric characters from across the universe.


In the 1980s, Walter Geist was the most popular talk show host of the Underworld, headlining almost every show of the era. This is no longer true. Condemned to hosting a near-dead show known as Late Night Mates for reasons he doesn't understand, Walter must work with a crew of absolute lunatics and interview characters from all corners of the universe.


  • Walter Geist: Walter Geist is a cynical poltergeist and former celebrity. For reasons unknown, Satan has picked him to host the absolute worst show UTV has to offer. While he isn't above joking around, his outlook on afterlife is a dull one ever since he was forced into his new job.
  • Bedbug: Bedbug is a quiet fellow who pays UTV the rent for the studio. While he isn't one to talk, he seems to be able to communicate with Walter without words, acting as an impromptu intern.
  • Tivy: Formerly an official UTV teleprompter, Tivy now manages to haunt ghosts by overstaying her welcome. Despite being mute, Tivy is full of energy and works as both a teleprompter and a reporter from the outside world.
  • Puppeteer: Take one drunk puppeteer, one car, and one tree, and you get a dead-as-a-doorknob ghost possessing a fuzzy orange puppet. While he regrets his death, Puppeteer still tries to teach children about trust, patriotism, and the alphabet.


Season 1

Production Number Name Plot Guest(s) Release Date
101 Pilot When Satan tosses a strange blue bear creature into the Late Night Mates set, Walter begins his tenure as host by ranting on and on to his guest. Like a good host does. Meanwhile, Tivy does a special report on grocery stores and Puppeteer teaches kids about the Cold War. Unten March 29th, 2014
102 Strong Guy Goodies During an interview with Zane, Puppeteer's old gig as a stunt double on Strong Guy Goodies comes back to haunt him when his fellow cast members being loitering in the studio. While Walter handles the Goodies, Bedbug and Tivy go on an adventure to do a special report on squids. Zane TBA
103 Really Really Special Report When an episode's special report is not enough, the entire group, guest included, must go on a trip through the multiverse to learn about parenting, babies, and the meaning of life itself by observing various creatures. General Scotch TBA
104 Uptown Ghoul Due to a mix-up with guest listings, Walter is left alone in the studio to muse about his rise and fall from fame while the Late Night Mates search for their special guest. Volt


105 The One In The Dark The one episode that's in the dark. To be more specific, a blackout caused UTV to lose power, and while the Mates try to get Tivy's backup generator working, Drake explains his prowess of all things dark-related, much to the group's annoyance. Drake (Dark Bracelet) TBA
106 Be Prepeiranoid When the Manifestation of Conspiracy claims to have some form of information on Walter's position as host, the entire crew chooses to make an effort to discover their host's past. Outside the studio, Satan makes plans for old friends and new allies. Peira Noid TBA

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