Laser Spark

Laser Spark (Known in Japan as レーザーブラスター, Laser Blasters) is an Action Platformer Game for the N64. This game was supposed to be a stand alone game, with no sequels, but since it sold so well (15,000,000 copies sold) it became a Series.


In the Future, approximately in 51004, The Galaxy had been in big Danger. An Evil Mastermind wants to take Control of the 8 Ferris Planets: Daichik, Gorumok, Emerados, Safanep, Rubikas, Kurikin, Kokumak, and Burten. The Elite Galactic Team of Heroes, Egth, is Trying to put a Stop to it. Obviously, they would put there most Strong and most Experienced Member in Charge, Powder. But when the New Member shows up, Bruno, things Change. He is way more skilled and this is his first time. Powder gets a little Jealous that Gordon, the Leader, Puts Bruno in Charge, but Powder goes along with Him anyways. They start going to the first Ferris Planet, Daichik, and Start to Make there way to the Center of the Ferris Planets to get to the Evil Mastermind, Geddon.




Moves: Up-Jump, Left/Right-Move, Down-Go Down, A-Punch Attack, A Charged-Mega Punch, B-Roll Attack, B Charged- Armadillo, Up A-Uppercut, Down A-Down Charged Kick., Left/Right A-Electric Beam, A A- Electric Punch, Up B-High Jump, Down B- Graceful Dive, Left/Right B- Knife Cut, B B- Electric Roll

Description The Universe's Hero is Here! As the New member of Egth, he is a little Rusty, but He is Super Skilled as a gift. He is close friends with Powder, even though they can get into Rivalry sometimes. He always tries to look on the Bright side of things, but is serious when he needs to be Serious.


Moves: ??? (TBA)


The Intelligent hero is here to have Bruno's side! He has been with the Egth as long has he can remember, probably dates back to 400 years ago. He is very strong and is also Immortal, like the other People who live in space. He is friends with Bruno, but can sometimes get a little frustrated with him if he is doing something wrong. He also as a Sister named Steel.


Boss 1- Colley

Boss 2- Road Mole

Boss 3- Hydranium

Boss 4- Chops

Boss 5- Ruby Jones

Boss 6- Gyle

Boss 7- Corco

Boss 8- Geddon

Boss 9- Geddon (Ultra)

Boss 10- Geddon (Omega)

Boss 11- Geddon (Giga)

Boss 12- ???

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