Laser Mario.

Laser Mario is other of many Mario's Power-Ups, first appearing in Super Mario Land 3D. Mario can obtain this form after getting the Laser Lens.


Laser Mario, has the name implies, attacks with lasers. Those lasers can defeat various enemies in a row, having more chance to get more points than normal and even extra 1-Ups. The lasers can bounce in respective corners of the walls and the ground. This is very useful, the player can active switches and other things that cannot be reached being normal. Laser Mario can defeat very special or strong enemies, such as Amps, Gaos, etc.


The first appearance of Laser Mario is in Super Mario Land 3D. The power-up needed to get this form (Laser Lens) first (and only) appears in Worlds 7, 9 and Special. Some levels in those worlds have the ground/wall corners that bounce the lasers, and is where it's mainly found.


  • Laser Mario's ability to shoot lasers and bounce them in level corners is very similar to Laser Kirby's ability from Kirby's Adventure and other Kirby games.