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#246 Larvitar
Image from the Generation IV games
Category Rock Skin Pokémon
National Dex Nr. #246
Generation 2
Pokémon Color Green
First Appearance Pokémon Gold And Silver
Latest Appearance Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Type(s) Rock/Ground
Ability/ies Guts
(Hidden: Sand Veil)
Average Height 4'03"
Average Weight 120.1 lbs.
Evolves Into Pupitar

Larvitar is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon species. They are small, dark green reptilian Pokémon with rock-like skin. They have an erect spine on top of their heads, diagonal/tooth-like black streak markings below and on the upper corners of their red-colored eyes. Larvitars eat large amounts of soil before they rest. Once one has eaten an entire large mountain, it will finally rest and begin to grow. Larvitars will evolve into a Pupitar at level 30, than a Tyranitar at 55. It is a Gen II Pokémon.

National Pokédex
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#246: Larvitar
#247: Pupitar →

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