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Larry's Adventures is a 3DS game that was made by Mario and Koopa Company.


Larry was in his room with money he stole from a Mushroom Kingdom bank. King Nabbit crashed into Larry's favorite window and stole a sack with the rest tof the money and his wand. Larry chased after King Nabbit to his Castle


  • Larry Koopa: The main good guy in the game
  • King Nabbit: the main antagonist of the game
  • Ludwig von Koopa: The shopkeeper
  • Roy Koopa: The helper of Larry
  • Iggy Koopa: The helpful scientist


World 1-1: Grassy Meadow

World 1-2: Larry's Dash

World 1-3: Boshi Garden

World 1-4: Mario and Luigi's Swingback Tower

World 1-5: Mushroom Bay

World 1-6: Nabbit's Passage

World 1-7: Rise of the Gardens

World 1-8: King Nabbit's Big Fianle

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