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Lapis Life/ వైడూర్యాలను ఫైటర్స్

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Lapis Life/ వైడూర్యాలను ఫైటర్స్
is a game for the Jem Zero that actaully has nothing to do with Lapis. At all. It does involve a life. A awesome one.

Instead it is a game that introduces a boat-load of characters that Sorastitch (tbc) (YEAH OKAY) likes and puts them in a mostly slice-of-life RPG, making this a author appeal project. And no, this concept was totally never done before. Ever. It's totally a new art-form that's a sensational all-national umbrella game.


It's a RPG. Y'know.

You just create your character and stuff.

And hang out in New York City. And that's where all the weird things start happening...


As a person who's new to New York (which now covers three states), you decide try to make a living. First you go to the SHEILD building, but alas, you have no powers or super skills. However, if you can capture the Hulk, you might have a shot.

Turns out many people want to be part of the Avengers, but you are the only one to successfully bring Hulk down. After bringing Hulk to SHEILD, NIck Fury initiates your training against other runners for the job.

After training, you go to the coffee shop. Nick Fury tells you he will make his decision today, and then goes to the bathroom. After exploring New York for a bit, you go to the SHEILD building again, where you see Deadpool.

Afterwards, you can either go to Springfield or Gotham City to rent a apartment. After renting the apartment, you go to the Apple Store because your headphones broke. Steve Jobs is somehow still alive and is fighting with Bender. You fight both of them. The Angry Video Game Nerd gives you both middle fingers at full force for hurting Steve Jobs, as he has Apple Brainwashing Helmet on. You land at the Space Portal, where Rosalina tells you aliens are going to attack the Earth.

Rosalina joins your party

Then you have to fight off some of the aliens who are going through the portal. Rosalina tells you that you will need to "borrow" a rocket-ship from T.W.O. However, the rocket isn't working, so you need some one who can talk the engineers into fixing it. You go to the High School, where Haruhi Suzumiya gladly joins up on your offer.

Haruhi Suzumiya joins your party

However, Mecha-Degen 15000 X plans on killing you for killing her in Elite Fisticuffs. After defeating her, you head to the Outskirts and use the rocket ship. You land on Mars, where the Imperium are. After defeating Tabuu who was trying to guard the peaceful Mars Colony, you meet the lovely Misty, May, and Dawn who provide as a save point. One of them can also join you.

You exit Mars Colony, to the Outskirts where Solomon is fighting the Imperium. After fighting some of the Imperium, he joins your team.

Solomon joins your party

You enter the TWO Mars Research Lab, where you find Tifa and Fennel doing important research and they do not want to bothered. You sneak another rocket and get attacked by the Lapis Dragon. After defeating the Lapis Dragon, You find a peaceful moon (read: The Death Star) and defeat some storm-troopers and steal their outfits. You learn that Darth Vader and Sir Tompam Hat are planning to take over the Multiverse by destroying Earth. Kippa then rushes in like a bad-ass, and takes out some storm-troopers you didn't see.

Kippa joins your party

Kermit then strums his banjo, and sings the Rainbow Connection. This attracts Storm-Troopers, who Kermit takes out with a green lightsaber. Kermit tells you he will be taking care of the Storm-Troopers, your team take out Darth Vader and Sir Topham Hat.

And you do.

You find a portal to the Nether, a way to get back to Mars. Along the way, you meet Blaze-Tans and Ghast-Tans, fight them and get some Blaze Rods and Ghast Tears which can be used for potions. Back at the TWO Research Lab, you manage to find a room with a computer. After fiddling with it, you are sucked into the Grid.

After landing in Binary Flow, Miku Hatsune is running away from a big flying thing. You follow her to Beyond Binary Flow, where Rinzler cuts you off and fights you.

After being nearly defeated by Rinzler, Tron Guy comes to your rescue and takes you to Creature Cave where Uberhaxornova is waiting to open a temporary portal to the Earth. He will open the portal if you find DanNewz. You promise Nova that you will find DanNewz and go through the portal.

You land in Gravity Falls, Ohio in the Mystery Shack. A blue dragon known as the Lapis Dragon is attacking Gravity Falls, but your party takes him out again. You head back to New York with Wendy as the driver.

To be continued inDark Lapis!


Image Name Series Description Met Where
NICKFREAKINGFURY Nick Fury The Avengers One of the main guys at SHIELD, as well one of the characters who's willing to give you a shot. S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters
Non-specific-action-figure-unimpressed Non Specific Action Figure Non Specific Action Series A god from the Nintendo-verse-Heavens. He now resides on Earth and works for SHIELD. S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters
Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool TBA S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show TBA Coffee Shop
Reg Rigby Rigby Regular Show TBA Coffee Shop
Giselle2 Giselle Belphegor Leth Hate TBA Somewhere in New York Street
Hulk-2 Hulk The Incredible Hulk TBA Somewhere in New York Street
365px-Noel Vermillion (Continuum Shift, Character Select Artwork) Noel Vermillion BlazBlue TBA Somewhere in New York Street
LeilaNormal Leila Metals Ella Metals TBA Airport
Jlu-flash The Flash The Flash TBA Airport
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman Batman TBA Gotham Street
Homer-simpson 235 Homer Simpson The Simpsons TBA Springfield
Bart simpson-5159 Bart Simpson The Simpsons TBA Springfield
Steve-jobs1 Steve Jobs Apple TBA Apple Store
180px-Bender Bender Futurama TBA Apple Store
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd AVGN TBA Apple Store
MKXL Rosalina Rosalina Super Mario TBA Space Portal Entrance
Chitauri (Earth-199999) 001 Chitauri The Avengers TBA Space Portal Entrance
300px-Imperium Imperium Justice League TBA Space Portal Entrance
Engie Box by JoPereira Engie-Tan Nerf Now TBA TWO Military Base
Haruhi Haruhi Suzumiya The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya TBA Nearby High School
Degen by sorastitch-d54bxq2 Mecha-Degen 15000 X Lapis Life After being defeated during the events of Elite Fisticuffs, Degen rebuilt herself out of pure will and her hidden love of Cobweb. Nearby High School
Olimarlapisclone "Gay" Olimar Lapis Life A clone that took on Olimar's looks, except he's a darn lot fatter and happier. Outskirts
Tabuu Tabuu Smash Bros One slick blue guy. Mars
DawnAnime Dawn Pokemon TBA Mars Colony
MistyEP Misty Pokemon TBA Mars Colony
May May Pokemon TBA Mars Colony
STILLTHEBEST1973 Solomon NES Godzilla Creepypasta After fighting his master Red, Solomon went to Mars. He would also like to remind you he is still the best, 1973. Outskirts of Mars
217px-Black White Fennel Fennel Pokemon TBA TWO Mars Research Lab
Tifa Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy TBA TWO Mars Research Lab
White Dragon Lapis Dragon Lapis Life TBA Space (Again)
Darth Vader Darth Vader Star Wars TBA The Death Star
Sirtophamhatt-front Sir Tompam Hat Thomas The Tank Engine You can't be serious? Can you? That's right, he's pure evil. First enslaving the magical island of Sodor, now the MULTIVERSE!!!! The Death Star
Kippa Kippa Draw Don't worry though, Kippa is here to save the day! Along with you. The Death Star
Kermit the frog Kermit the Frog The Muppets He's just making a cameo. The Death Star
Happy Blaze-Tan Minecraft TBA The Nether
Angry Ghast-Tan Minecraft TBA The Nether
Miku Miku Hatsune Vocaloid TBA Binary Flow
350px-Rinzler KH3D Rinzler Tron TBA Beyond Binary Flow
220px-Tronguy Tron Guy The Internet TBA Beyond Binary Flow
Uberhaxornova at the store UberHaxorNova The Creatures TBA Creature Cave
DippaPines Dipper Pines Gravity Falls TBA Mystery Shack
Mabel on the phone Mabel Pines Gravity Falls TBA Mystery Shack
GrunkleStan Grunkle Stan Gravity Falls TBA Mystery Shack
JeezSoos Soos Gravity Falls TBA Mystery Shack
WendyGRAVITYFALLSNOTTHEOTHERGF Wendy Gravity Falls TBA Mystery Shack


As it turns out, you can power-up your character(s) with different items, each varying in what it does.

Image Name Series What It Do
SuperMushroom Mushroom Mario Makes you bigger! It also increases your health a little.
Thebestmegabustermoneycouldbuy Mega Buster Megaman Allows you to fire high powered shots. It also adapts to Megaman Bosses.
CORY222 Cory Head Cory in the House Oh, it just shoots lasers out of it's eyes. That's all.
4.0oz-Face-Bar-Sonic-hr2 Sonic Ice Cream Bar Blue Bunny At 4.0 oz, this thing lightweight and makes you run fast. Very fast.
Frosty-poptart Poptart Poptarts Turns you into Nyan Cat, allowing you to unleash powerful nyan rainbow attacks.
Chaos Emeralds Chaos Emerald Sonic The Hedgehog Grants you stronger powers for a short time. Collect all seven and you power up to Super Form.
GUMBY Gumby Suit The Creatures/Gumby Allows you to use lens flare kick.

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