The Land of Vapors and Immersion (abbreviated as LOVAI) is Teardrop Seaside's planet in the Medium. He got there through his first gate.

Teardrop's house is located deep inside an underwater cave, below some ruins. LOVAI is inhabited by the Axolotl consorts, and its denizen is Cetus.


The Land of Vapors and Immersion is located inside a body of water and its terrain is composed by rocks ranging from dark blue to cerulean. The land has plenty of ruins in its surface.


The Land of Vapors and Immersion

Underground, there are plenty of caves and complex tunnels. Teardrop's library was transported into one of the caves.

Its atmosphere is composed by various vapors and gases.


The land's original habitants are the Axolotls.

After Teardrop's entry to the medium, Imps, Ogres, Basilisks, Liches and all kinds of mobs appeared.