The Land of Meteors and Emotion (abbreviated as LOMAE) is Benci Fuath's planet in the Medium, during the events of FANONSTUCK.

Benci's home is located in the center of a small village, populated by imps. His home resembles a winged letter, and features a small stone wall surrounding it, to keep attackers at bay. The imp houses around his own are constructed out of brick, though most are beginning to crumble, and feature wooden support beams surrounding the outsides.


The planet features two differing sections; the valley and wasteland. The valley section is shown to take up less than half of the planet's mass, with the rest being filled by the wasteland which surrounds the valley. The valley itself features vast hills, rivers and plains, along with a large forest with a supposedly ancient temple located within. There are also several castles and villages populated by imps, one of which Benci's own home landed in upon entering the Medium. The wasteland is an utterly devastated area, featuring mostly white plains, devoid of life, though showing a large amount of rubble and other debris, possibly a result of the imps harvesting most of the wasteland's resources. There are meteors shown to float midair around the planet, in varying shapes and sizes, while the atmosphere is rumored to cause conflicting, sometimes destructive, emotions and mood swings in it's inhabitants, though Benci being unaffected due to his lack of emotion.


The land is populated by animals, such as goats, eagles, bees, wolves, and various other species, surely a reference to some of Benci's old allies, along with Benci himself, and his Staresprite, prototyped using his 'guardian angel' Staredude. Upon entering the medium, imps are known to have appeared across the planet, though oddly few other Sburb enemies. The imps are known to mostly stick to their villages and castles, though mysterious cloaked beings are also sighted within the forest. The imps are passive towards Benci, for the most part, though they will usually attack if he leaves his home.