The Land of Harbors and Wildlife (abbreviated as LOHAW) is YoshiEgg Nook's planet in the Medium during the events of FANONSTUCK.

YE's shack is located off a larger harbor, elevated above the water about thirty feet to avoid easy attack from enemies. There are a series of boats, several of which have been made by YE himself. A larger green ship, which YE uses to transport himself and his friends around the oceans of the planet, is the S.S. Swashblucklr, which is docked near the same harbor, also farther out to avoid attackers.


The planet has two main sections: the ocean and the jungle. The jungle section, the only land on the planet, creates a crescent shape around the blue-green ocean. The land itself takes up about a third of the planet's mass, its ocean taking up the majority. Boats are docked on the titular harbors, of which there seven (possibly representing the Seven Gates, symbolically). The land's consorts tend to gravitate towards the harbors, being floating squids, but more courageous souls take up residency in the jungle. The jungle is rife with wildlife, such as exotic plants and enormous trees. It also houses several dungeons, which, despite their hostile appearance, require more puzzle-solving and navigating than actual combat. Its atmosphere is warm and humid, although somehow the water is usually uncomfortably cold.


The consorts of the land are floating squids, a definite callback to YE's friend and sidekick Bloop. After YE enters the Medium, various Sburb game enemies such as imps and ogres also appear. These enemies tend to stick to the jungle areas, many of which hide in the trees and/or in dungeons. They're always looking for consorts and/or players to terrorize.