Lance Naters
Lance in Robo Madness.
Full Name Professor Lance Naters
Current Age 58
Gender Male
Location Sunspring Town, Aethr
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Cholk Naters (grandson)
Main Weapon(s) PSI abilities


First Appearance DREW (Game)
Latest Appearance Robo Madness (2011)
Lance Naters (or simply known as Lance) is one of the scientists that worked on the creation of Scyplo. He is an extremely intelligent Stalmer, more intelligent than the average Stalmer. He originally is from the planet Aethr and is the grandfather of Cholk Naters. He was very interested in the creation of energy and energy sources so he set out to work with the team of developers on designing Scyplo.


Lance was born on the planet Aethr in Sunspring Town. He was very good at designing energy and energy sources from a very young age which eventually led him to join the team of professors in assisting to design Scyplo. Lance worked on Scyplo's energy core, which gave him his power and kept him running. He still lives in Sunspring Town with his grandson, Cholk Naters but also still meets up with the other professors from time to time. He was one of the people who was kidnapped by Specrious during the events of DREW (Game), he along with the other people who were kidnapped were eventually rescued by DREW and Cholk after they defeated Specrious. After the defeat of Specrious, he decided to try make his own robot, creating Langhl. Also during the events of Robo Madness he helped guide Scyplo through Aethr after he had to visit the planet.


Lance is known to be extremely intelligent (more so than the average Stalmer), he is also quite kind and caring and will never stand to see someone struggling and will assist them if he can. Lance is also very inpacient and hates waiting for something, especially if he knows the solution to the problem. He also has been known to get very frustrated when somebody ignores his advice.


Lance is a Stalmer and has grey coloured hair that is quite messy, he has light brown eye brows and two big eyes and a mouth. He wears a yellow suit with white sleeves and a red tie aswell as white gloves and white Stalmer Shoes. He also has a silver neck protecter (like all Stalmers do).


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