Lance Darville
Lance Darville, Mr. Chilli's fierce rival.
Full Name Lance Darville
Gender Male
Location Smilexa, Smilonia
Current Status Alive
Class Lawyer
First Appearance Mr. Chilli (Game)
Lance Darville is a lawyer who appeared in Mr. Chilli. He is Mr. Chilli's rival and parallel to what Chilli's lifestyle could of been like. Along with Arcia Pellone. he is the main antagonist in the series.


Lance is very spiteful, negative and ungrateful, he always brags about his better lifestyle to Chilli. He is a bit of a charmer and always has a smug smirk. He has some slight commitment issues and loves to cut corners and sneak.


Lance is of medium stature, and has blond hair clean shaven and seemingly red eyes. Into which Chilli describes them as red eyes of evil.


Mr. Chilli Original

Lance is Player 2, which is unlocked after the game is completed for the first time, as the multiplayer is in split screen, Lance is hardly seen except for a blonde haired sport with red eyes. He was included to be a "polar opposite" to Chilli. He runs faster than Chilli and jumps higher to represent his fitter lifestyle.

Mr. Chilli

In Mr. Chilli, Lance is Mr. Chilli's what Chilli could have been, a top lawyer, smart, earning high money and albeit, more reliable. His strongest chemistry is with Arcia Pellone.

Fantendo Football League

He plays for Team Lios Lions in the Fantendo Football League.

Stelios Scramble

Lance is the first boss in the Smilionia area in Stelios Scramble.


Mr. Chilli

The two are always at war over who is more popular, simple verbal blows. Chilli started this when he saw that Lance's life was parallel to his.

Emily Davies

Lance tries to flirt with Emily although she always rejects him, Lance never gives up his plea.

Arcia Pellone

The two get along as they have a lot in common.