The Triforce Protector
Universe ZeldaSymbolSSBVThe Legend of Zelda
Recent Game 3DS Hyrule Warriors Legends
Availability Starter
Final Smash Focus Spirit Finisher/Deku Tree/Giant Cucco

Lana makes her first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5 Lana first appeared in the game Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo Wii. She is able to utilize both the Book of Sorcery, the Spear, and the Summon Gate.


Lana is unique as she utilizes three of her signature weapons within her move set: the Book of Sorcery, the Deku Spear, and the Summon Gate. She can create lightning and create barriers using the Book of Sorcery, summon the Deku Sprout using the Deku Spear, and summon baddies using the Summon Gate. In all sense of the word, she is a summoning fighter; bringing forth allies in her battle with the best of the best.

She uses her Book of Sorcery in most attacks as well as creating magical barriers to trap and trick opponents. Her other attacks, the Summon Gate and Deku Spear are used within her standard attacks and specials but, besides that, do not appear within her regular animations. She is seen with her holding the book.

In terms of stats, she boasts strong attack power that have great reach but have a slow start up. She is roughly the same size of Zelda but is a tad bit lighter with a higher jump. Her speed is slower however.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Book of Sorcery, Final Chapter 3%, 4%, 2.2% , 3% Lana swipes once with her Book of Sorcery and once again in the opposite way. She then opens her books and deals multiple hits with a infinite jab combo with the pages which deals hitstun. For a jab combo, it is rather weak and can easily get out prioritized by a stronger attack. The jab finisher is where she closes the book which then causes the pages to explode; launching the opponent back.
Forward Tilt Barrier Wall 1.5% (per hit) Lana erects a wall barrier wish pushes forward slightly; knocking opponents back with damage. It has low knockback but it can be used to protect Lana from being damaged by weaker attacks.
Up Tilt Book Blast 6% Lana waves her arms upwards which ejects magical pages which deal damage. It does several hits of damage before launching the opponents upwards.
Down Tilt Spell Blast 11% The attack forms on the ground and blasts magical energy upwards; knocking opponents up into the air. It has decent start up and with zero ending lag and is a reliable move.
Dash Attack Cube Dash 2%, 2%, 2%, 2%, 4% Lana creates a cube that jumps on it while kicking it forward. It is a rather slow dash but very powerful as it does multiple hits while traveling forward. Each hit pushes the opponent back. At the end of the dash, Lana explodes the cube.
Forward Smash King Dodongo 14% (uncharged), 20% (charged) (clean), 10% (uncharged), 16% (uncharged) (late) King Dodongo appears through the Summon Gate and releases a blast of fire that extends upwards with high knockback. It travels for some distance before vanishing and has a lasting burning effect even after it does damage.
Up Smash Manhandla 2.8% (charged 10 hits), 1.8% (uncharged 8 hits) Lana summons the Manhandla that spins its tentacles around in full rotation while dealing multiple hits of damage. After dealing the damage, it knocks the opponent upwards into the air with high knockback after all of the attacks hit. It does significantly less knockback if the attack connects in its later animations.
Down Smash Barrier Trap 13% (charged), 8% (uncharged) Lana places a rune on the ground which shines briefly. When an opponent steps on it, they are encased in a barrier and then shatters; launching them up into the air. It does below average damage but has high knockback that is dependent on the amount of damage upon activation of the attack. The longer the attack is charged, the longer the spell remains active and the stronger it is. Charging it fully causes it to last for 15 seconds while uncharged lasts for 10 seconds. If it runs out of time, it will simply vanish instead of dealing damage.
Neutral Aerial Spinning Spell 3%, 3%, 3% Lana spins in the air while stretching out her hand which causes the pages to flight out around her. The first two hits have hitstun while the last hit has knockback. However, the first two hits are able to deal knockback at high damages.
Forward Aerial Lightning Bolt 8% (clean), 5% (late) Lana fires a lightning bolt forward which deals damage. It only travels a short distance, roughly the width of a full Lana body. It shocks opponents with a freeze frame and then launches them.
Back Aerial Barrier Kick 13% (energy explosion), 4% (kick) Lana kicks behind her while enveloping her foot in a barrier. It knocks the opponent back and causes an energy explosion. The attack is unique as the kick first deal light damage followed by an energy explosion that launches opponents away. The first kick does knockback and then deals the delayed energy explosion.
Up Aerial Deku Leaf 1.2% (per hit) Lana takes the Deku Leaf and waves it upwards which propels a gust of wind upwards which, much like Mega Man's up aerial, knocks opponents upwards with several hits of damage. It has good damage and will push opponents upwards at a good pace.
Down Aerial Summon Gate 3%, 2%, 5% Lana takes the Summon Gate and brings it down over her body which does two hits of damage before the last one which occurs at her feet which will then launch opponents downwards. It has a slight lag but carries opponents downwards with the attack animations.
Grab --- --- Lana grabs the opponent with magic. She doesn't actually grab them and it has a very slightly expanded reach compared to a normal grab.
Pummel Shock Therapy 2.4% Quickly shocks opponents with magical electricity.
Forward Throw Barrier Smash 2, 2%, 2%, 4% Traps the opponent in a barrier and kicks it which causes the barrier to move forward before causing it to explode; launching the opponent into the air. It can also damage nearby opponents.
Back Throw Phasing Summon Gate 3%, 7% Takes the Summon Gate, pulls the opponent through it, turn around, and then launches them out from the Summon Gate.
Up Throw Heaven Barrier 2%, 2%, 2% Lana launches the opponent upwards by erecting a barrier wall which continuously pushes opponents upwards with knockback for three hits.
Down Throw Deku Roots 0% Lana summons the Deku Roots which grabs a hold of the opponent. It doesn't deal any damage but it holds the opponent in place for around 4 to 7 seconds before letting them go; depending on how many damage they have and how much they struggle.
Floor Attack (front/back) Barrier Sweep 5%, 5% Takes her hands and swipes forward and then backwards, releasing a blast of magical energy which knocks back opponents.
Floor Attack (trip) Spell Bound 2.2%, 2.2% Lana swipes her hand forward which deals two hits of damage that knocks the opponent backwards with magical energy.
Edge Attack Perfect Barrier 0% Lana erects a barrier that, while doesn't deal damage will push opponents back and block from attacks. It is very strong but can be destroyed by a semi-charged powerful Smash attack. However, it is rather slow and has horrible ending lag.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Barrier Spell 0% Lana casts a spell that casts a protective barrier around herself; preventing harm to come to her. It remains active after inputting the command allowing Lana to freely travel around the stage but will fade away after 6 seconds or after taking too much damage. When erected, it will reflect projectiles away and protect from damage though, as mentioned before, it will weaken and eventually vanish if it runs out of time or takes too much damage. It will cause opponents to bounce away when they do a physical attack. Inputting the command consecutively weakens the barrier the next time.
Custom 1 Detonating Barrier 26% (close), 18% (late), 8% (Lana) Holding down the special starts the barrier. It starts small at first but continues to grow larger the longer it is held. Ths expands the barriers area influence but also puts Lana in danger as holding it for too long can cause the barrier to explode which does high damage to the opponent but also damages Lana when released. It only detonates at the very end and stopping the barrier mid way does not release the detonation.
Custom 2 Cancel Barrier 0% Lana can erect the barrier but cancel it by pressing the special attack button. When this is performed, the shield vanishes. Pressing the special button again continues the barrier from where it left off but obviously weakened.
Side Special Argorok 18% Lana summons Argorok who speeds forward with her on the dragons back. Charging the attack lengthens the distance traveled but does not effect the damage output. It will knock opponents upwards when the attack connects and has high knockback. It puts the opponent into a freeze frame before launching them. Due to its high damage and knockback potential, the attack loses speed and distance after every successful hit. After finishing, it puts Lana into a freefall state. The attack suffers from a long start up and ending lag.
Custom 1 Spiraling Argorok 3.2% (loop) Argorok spins rapidly while charging forward; trapping opponents and dealing damage before throwing them into the air. It has less damage and knockback output then the default but it has less lag and faster attack animations. In addition, it has a slight vacuum effect that sucks in opponents when they are close by. Hitting opponents does not slow down or lessen Argoroks damage.
Custom 2 Shackled Argorok 12% Lana can slightly influence where Argorok flies off to by tilting the controlling stick up or down during the flight duration. It has a longer travel duration but does less damage and knockback than the default. It will loses speed after every successful hit but it's drastically less than the default.
Up Special Step Barrier 5-7% (first barrier), 7-9% (second barrier), 9-11% (last barrier) Inputting the attack causes three barriers to appear in which Lana will jump to the first one, the second one, and the third one. By pressing the special button when she lands, she will jump to the other barrier and then pressing the special button again causes her to jump to the last barrier. There are two barrier cubes on the left side and one on the right side but this is obviously affected where Lana is facing, It is a rather tricky attack and recovery move but is has good upwards mobility and vertical traveling distance. Lana also has super armor during the jumping animations. When leaving a cube, it will explode dealing damage for anyone nearby. The longer Lana stays on a cube, the more damage and larger the radius it has. However, this does come at a risk as staying on the cube for a long period of time can cause the attack to fail and all of the cubes vanishing. Lana has 4 seconds before she has to jump to the opposite cube. Failing to do so will cause the cube she is standing on to vanish and her entering a helpless state. Jumping at the last second causes the most amount of damage. Jumping to the next cube resets the timer and will start it when she jumps on the next cube. Due to the nature of the attack, the start up animation is rather long due to Lana summoning the three cubes.
Custom 1 Quick Step Barrier 4% (first cube), 5% (second cube), 6% (last cube) It is a quicker version that the default and doesn't require Lana to press the special button every time but goes through the animations right from the start up. As a result, it only does a base line damage and is weaker than the default. As well, the explosions are smaller with less knockback.
Custom 2 Final Step Barrier 6% (first), 14% (last), 16% (last) It functions much like the default but by pressing the special button, it causes Lana to cancel the attack. This will cause all of the cubes to explode at once. In addition, the cubes will not explode upon stepping off from them but, rather, will explode if the attack if canceled or if Lana jumps off the last cube. It does more damage if Lana finishes off from the last cube and will deal more knockback as a result. It has less traveling distance than the default.
Down Special Deku Sprout 6% (thrown), 2% (roll) Lana summons the Deku Sprout and chucks him forward. He will travel in an arch and land and begin to roll; dealing damage while rolling. It will knock opponents downwards when it connects with an airborne opponent.
Custom 1 Flowering Sprout 4% (thrown) It has a farther traveling distance but is weaker. When it connects with an opponent, it puts the opponent into a flower state and erects a flower on top of his or her head which does continuous damage to the opponent.
Custom 2 SLeepy Sprout 0% (clean), 2% (late) It has longer start up and ending lag but throwing the sprout will cause the opponent to be put into a sleeping state when it connects as a clean hit. However, it only does 2% if it is a late hit and has hitstun.

Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Gohma 1.3% (loop) Lana summons Gohma via the Summon Gate which causes Gohma to appear and fire out a laser. Opponents who become trapped within the attack are dealt continuous damage before being launched at the end. The beam travels very far and can reach just about the length of Final Destination before vanishing. It deals freeze frames once it hits and releases them with knockback at the end.
Custom 1 Gohma Reflector 1.4% Gohma appears and closes its eye. If a projectile hits during this duration, it will reflect that projectile back with 1.4% more damage. It then launches the opponent after making contact with the projectile. It will also speed up the projectile and give it more launching power.
Custom 2 Rapid Gohma 1% Lana can summon Gohma and then press the special button repeatedly to send out small, quick blasts that do 1% damage. It does damage but doesn't deal hitstun. The summon comes and goes quicker than the default.
Side Special Homing Barrier 1% (loop), 8% (clean), 4% (late) Lana can cast a homing spell that travels forward and will home onto the closest opponent. Once it makes contact, it traps them in a square barrier which then deals continuous damage to the opponent that is trapped inside before exploding and dealing more damage. It can also deal damage to opponents who are close by. It will vanish if it ends up traveling for too long of a time period.
Custom 1 Enhanced Homing Barrier 2% (loop), 10% (clean), 6% (late) It travels further and deals more damage overall but it is slower and has more lag attached to the attack. It also has a stronger homing ability.
Custom 2 Spinning Homing Barrier 3% (loop), 1.3% (outside loop), 8% (clean), 4% (late) It has less of a strong homing ability but, when it captures the opponent, it begins to spin rapidly dealing damage both inside and outside though outside receives less damaging. It then explodes both with less knockback than the default.
Up Special Sprout Bounce 5% (Lana charged), 3% (Lana uncharged) 12% (Deku Sprout charged), 10% (Deku Sprout uncharged) Lana is able to charge this attack. Upon inputting the attack, a Deku Sprout appears who begins to grow underneath her. When performed in mid-air, the Deku Sprout comically appears to be appearing in midair. Upon releasing the attack, the Deku Sprout bursts forward with a shout of glee with launches Lana upwards into the sky. The attack has two potential ways to attack: Lana slamming into the opponent and the Deku Scrub popping out. Lana hitting the opponent while in midair has below average knockback while the Deku Sprout popping up does surprisingly high vertical knockback. She then arches and falls back down in a helpless state with the Deku Sprout vanishing soon after.
Custom 1 Sprout Meteor 5% (Lana), 3% (Lana uncharged), 8% (Deku Spout charged), 6% (Deku Sprout uncharged), 14% (fall charged), 12% (fall uncharged) It has reduced power but, when performed in the air, the Deku Sprout will fall after bouncing Lana upwards to the ground resulting in a meteor hit that can KO an opponent that is over the ledge. This dependent on the amount the attack was charged.
Custom 2 Sprout Charge 8% (Lana), 10% (Deku Sprout) The attack doesn't require charging the attack as it charges upon input. It does less vertical distance but the damage Lana does when she comes into contact with an opponent is much higher and with more knockback. The sprout does less damage though.
Down Special Deku Charge 3%, 3%, 2%, 4%, 7% Lana summons the Deku Sprout and jumps on its back while holding the Deku Shield and the Spear. The Deku Scrub then charges forward. Once it hits an opponent, the opponent will be pushed back with each hit. It can score multiple hits as it charges forward but opponents at higher percentages have a higher risk of being knocked upwards. Once the attack nears it's last animations, Lana and the Deku Scrub swings the Spear upwards which catches the opponent with the first slash animation followed by the last slash animation which knocks opponents upwards. Once finished, Lana enters into a freefall state.
Custom 1 Burying Deku Charge 4% (bury), 5%, 9%, (if buried) 3%, 5% (unburied) Functions similar to the default but has a longer traveling distance. The sprout will bury the opponent in the ground or meteor them if performed in the air. It can bury in the last animation which is beneficial as it does more damage to buried opponents rather then unburied opponents. Opponents to are hit during the dashing animations are obviously buried and doesn't deal any knockback until the end animations.
Custom 2 Aggressive Deku Charge 14% (clean), 12% (late) Instead of dealing multiple hits while pushing opponents, the attack merely hits opponents which sends them high up into the air with above average knockback. As a result, it travels slower and has slower start up and ending animations.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Focus Spirit Finisher 38% (clean), 32% (late) Lana jumps high into the air and gathers electrical around her hand. She then takes the electricity and throws it in a arch which travels down. Once it gets to a certain height, it explodes in an electrical blast with a radius roughly twice the size of a Smart Bomb. It does multiple hits before launching opponents away at the end.
Final Smash 2 Great Deku Tree 8% Lana summons the Deku Tree through the Spear which grows to a huge heigh in the stage. It regenerates a field of energy around it which looks like sparkling green energy. When an opponent comes into contact with this aura, they are drained of life which adds damage to them while also healing Lana as a result. It doesn't deal hitstun or knock back to opponents but it will applies damage. After 10 seconds, it vanishes.
Final Smash 3 Giant Cucco 12% (Peck), 18% (dash), 16% (butt drop) Lana summons the Giant Cucco through the Summon Gate which causes it to terrorize opponents. It will dash about; hitting opponents and launching them away. It will also jump high and crash down to the ground. The Giant Cucco will also flap it's wings which can push opponents away who are close by. After 14 seconds, it will vanish.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

  • Lana faces the screen and slightly bounces while holding her book to the side and does a peace sign that is parallel to her eye while smiling. It is reminiscent of her pose after performing her Focus Spirit Finisher. (Up)
  • Twirls the Deku Spear around to her right and to her left. (Right)
  • Takes the Summon Gate and puts it around her body and then acts like a hula hoop; swinging it back and forth. (Left)
  • Turns to the right/left and waves with both hands while smiling. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

  • Lana takes out the Book of Sorcery and holds it up while it floats. She has a determined look on her face."
  • Lana holds the Deku Spear out while the Deku Sprout jumps out from behind."
  • Lana takes the Summon Gate and waves it around before posing it by putting the opening of the gate in front of her face."

On Screen Appearance

  • Appears a in flurry of magic and spells while spinning rapidly.
  • A Deku Tree appears and she jumps out of it. Upon landing, the tree vanishes.
  • Lana appears out from the Summon Gate which is on the ground while two Cucco's flutter out.

Victory Animations

  • Lana takes the Book of Sorcery while energy surges around it. She then closes it which causes the spell to flare up slightly; illuminating her face before vanishing.
  • Lana holds the Book of Sorcery close to her chest and then slightly leans forward; tilts her head to the right, and goes "OK!"
  • Lana jumps in the air and punches into her hand with her hand while holding onto the Book of Sorcery.
  • Lana and the Deku Sprout give each other a jumping high five and then a pose where Lana does a heart sign using her hands and the Deku Sprout winks..
  • Lana takes the Summon Gate and twirls in around herself before it flashes causing King Dodongo, Manfahlla, Gohma, and Argnorok to appear behind her.
  • Lana holds the Triforce in her hands and then closes; causing the pieces to separate and float in front of her.

=Fan Cheer

Female Cheer: "LET'S GO LANA!! LET'S GO LANA!!"

Losing Animation

  • Lana faces forward while clapping and holding the Book of Sorcery.
  • Lana fumbles with the pages of the Book of Sorcery as if confused.
  • Holds her head in shame while breathing heavily.

Victory Fanfare

A [flourished ]

Fighting Stance

Lana has her body facing the camera with her head to the side, knees slightly bent, and the Book of Sorcery in her right hand and her left hand slightly held upwards. She shifts back and forth slightly causing her hair and clothes to also move in unison.

Idle Poses

  • Lana sighs slightly which slows down her fighting stance pace.
  • Turns a page of the Book of Sorcery.
  • Opens her left hand which has a sparkle of magic in it.
  • Winks to the opponent.

Misc Animations


Lana kneels down on one knee with the other leg propped up while resting her left hand on her lap and holding the Book of Sorcery at her chest.


Lana jumps in the air with her left hand help up while clutching the Book of Sorcery.


Lana jumps forward slightly while twisting once in one full rotation.


Lana skips forward at a slightly fast gait.


Lana dashes forward while clutching the Book of Sorcery.


Squats on the ground while the head is hung down to her chest with her hands on the ground.


Lana trips and falls to the ground.


Balances on both feet while waving her hands in order to balance themselves out.

Home-Run Bat

Swings forward using both hands.

Star KO


Screen KO

Lana slams into the screen while clutching the Book of Sorcery to her chest and her legs curled up to the side.


Lana's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Lana (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Lana (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Skull Kid Lana

Unlock: Boss Battle


Good Witch

Unlock: Boss Battle


Lana (Argorok)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Lana (Step Barrier)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Lana (Pink)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Lana (Yellow)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Lana (Left)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Bad Witch

Unlock: Complete a Lana Character Challenge

Focus Spirit Finisher

Unlock: All Star Mode

Giant Cucco

Unlock: All Star Mode

Deku Tree

Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Blue Blue Lana's default outfit from Hyrule Warriors. Starter
Green Green Resembles Link's outfit as well as Lana's from the Twilight Princess DLC Pack for Hyrule Warriors. Starter
Red Red Slightly resembles Link's Goron Tunic outfit. Starter
White White Resembles Lana's Good Witch DLC Costume Starter
Pink Pink Resembles Zelda's coloration. Starter
Black Black Resembles her Master Pack DLC outfit. Starter
Purple Purple Resembles Cia's coloration. Starter
Yellow Yellow Coloration is based off the Standard Outfit from the Boss Pack DLC. Starter
Cyan Cyan Coloration is based off of Impa. Starter
Gray Gray Coloration is based on Impa. Starter
Skull Kid Clothes Brown Model is based on the Skull Kid Costume DLC. Locked
Good Witch White Model based off the Good Witch costume DLC. Locked
Bad Witch Black Model is based off the clothes Cia wears. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"Keeper of the Triforce"

Time: 4:00 Scene:


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