Lamry Kuppra

GRS-9263, after his full mutation

Lamry Kuppra, formerly GRS-9263, is a mutated alien from the planet Hydorgine and the former-apprentice of GRS-8763 / Crazy Bowser.


GRS-9263 was a plant-like creature from the planet Hydorgine. A psychopathic serial killer, who was captured after his third murder. Sentenced to banishment to GRS Comet, he later met GRS-8763. 9263 looked up to 8763, and the latter took the former under his wing as his apprentice. The two of them worked together to divert the comet's path towards the nearest planet, a mushroom-shaped land.

After reaching through the atmosphere of the mushroom planet, 8763 revealed that he had just been using 9263's intelligence, and jumped off the comet as it reached the planet. While 9263 suspected that his former-master had died after jumping, he would later learn otherwise.

After the comet crashed into the Mushroom Planet, he absorbed the DNA of a species that lived near the area he landed. In his new form, he took the name of Lamry Kuppra and vowed to kill his former master.

Somehow, about a year after he crash-landed on the Mushroom Planet, Lamry Kuppra's existence was erased from history. His current status and whereabouts are unknown. Legends have begun among the Toads and other residents of the Mushroom Kingdom claiming that an eighth Koopaling that acts independently of the others exists, which some believe to be referring to Lamry. Gerard B. Croquer is the only one who knows anything about Lamry's current status, though how he does is unknown.


  • The name "Kuppra" stems from the fact that 9263 misheard the Koopa Troopa species name from the natives of the planet.
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