Lamond Singletary
Full Name Lamond Yaya Singletary
Current Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Lobito, Angola
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Great strength, athleticism
Nationality 25px-Flag_of_Angola.svg.png
Ethnicity Bakongo
Height 6'10"
First Appearance TBA

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Lamond is a human from Angola. He is gifted with great athletic ability.


Lamond is a tall 20-year old male with dark skin and buzzcut black hair. He wears a red striped shirt with a white hoodie underneath, baggy khaki shorts and black trainers.


Lamond was born in Angola, but raised in America. He moved to the States when he was 2. He grew up being enthusiastic about all the sports that were in the country. He was inspired to become a professional athlete. However, Lamond found out it was not as easy as anticipated and ended up with a lot of injuries. During high school, he joined a football team and worked hard with the team. He graduated and met a group of people. He has worked with them since and is based in San Francisco.


Lamond is usually collected and cool, and keeps composed, regardless of what happens.


  • Lamond was going to be a character in Jess' Quest, but was removed.

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