Lala, with a pink heart

Lala is a character in the Neverhood Series. She is a pink chao with a heart shaped bobble who is Lolo's sister. In the first game, she was the first boss over at the Extinct Museum.


Lala acts cute and bubbly all the time even with her friends. She loves her brother Lolo very much.

She loves to eat minty candy.

Battle For The Neverhood

Monster Lala

Lala's monster form

Lala was mutated by Dr. Kogg's gas, causing her to morph into a giant pterodactyl at the Exctinct Museum. She is also the first boss in the game. When Lolo approaches a mutated Lala, she roared at him and attacks him.  Lolo defeats her by hitting her bobble and she reduces to normal.

Lala soon returned home afterwords.

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