Lakithunder - New Super Koopa Bros

Lakithunder is a Dark Lakitu who first appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros. He was the boss of World 7, the Sky World. He attacked by shooting down thunder from his Cloud, and swooping down at Mario. He had to be stomped on 3 times to be defeated. Lakithunder, since his debut appearance has become a regular Mario boss.

Game Appearances

Cloudy D.I.Y.

Lakithunder appears as a boss in New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y.. Lakithunder was a normal Lakitu who experimented on himself to goin Bowsers army and avenge his father, Giga Lakitu.

Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

Lakithunder appears as a boss at the tower in the "Sky Dream" stage.

Dark Clouds on Goomsday

Lakithunder appears as a boss in Goomsday Wii under the Super Scepter's control. He takes command of all Lakitus, and builds his own Super Castle: Cloud Castle. After Waluigi and his pals destroyed Piranha Palace, Lakithunder sent his troops to kidnap them before they fell to the rainforest floor. When he is fought, Waluigi must use his Cheating to reverse the lightning flow and destroy Lakithunder's Cloud. Bowser Jr.'s Paint can be used to stop the Dark Lakitu from rising again. From there, he can be pummelled mercilessly. The next boss is Major Burrows.

New Super Mario Bros Wii 2.

Lakithunder returns in this game.

Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals

Lakithunder reappers in this game as the boss of Stormcloud Tower, in World 6: Sunny Cloudway. His battle involves shooting lightning down at Mario, throwing Spiny Eggs to become Spinies, or a Thunder Piranha Egg to become a Venus Thunder Trap.



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