The NES Sprite
Species Origin Koopa Troopa
Rarity Very Rare
Alignment Bad
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???
Lakithree throws spiny eggs and a 1-up mushroom; When killed, it drops a random spiny egg or a 1-up mushroom (commonly Spiny Egg)


It is very hard to find. It only appears on secret worlds and secret areas. It also appears during castle levels.


  • The Lakithree is a mix of the words, "Lakitu" and "Three".
  • It's 1st Lakitu is the good one (Throws 1-up mushrooms) and the 2nd and 3rd Lakitu's are the bad one (Throws Spiny Eggs)
  • It takes 3 fireballs to kill this enemy.

SNES Lakithree


The SNES Sprite

The SNES Lakithree drops 1 1-up mushroom,1 spiny egg and 1 Poison Mushroom. 


It is also hard to find. It only appears on bonus levels.


  • They now throw a spiny egg,1-up Mushroom and a Poison Mushroom.
  • The cloud's face was changed.
  • Oddly, On the NES version, It takes 3 fireballs. but on the SNES, It now takes 1 fireball.