Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha..............I was given Strict Orders By King Bowser to eliminate you Mario
Lakijester, Super Paper Mario 2

Lakijester is a jester like Lakitu who serves as Bowser's Henchmen.He is first fought as a boss in Chapter 18 and is fought as a boss again in Chapter 82 Right before the fight with Bowser in Super Paper Mario 2.Lakijester unlike many Lakitus throw Bullet Bills instead of Spinies so you must be careful as Getting hit by these Bullet Bills will automatically kill you Even if you are powered up by the Fire flower.He has the ability to teleport Out of thin air making him one of the most Frudtrating Bosses.He is one of the most cold-blooded of Bowser's henchmen not even caring if he nearly killed Mario.He also has no compassion for the weak as he is seen saying weakness is for failures as he killed Toadsworth.His Cold-Bloodedness makes him the most feared Antagonist. Even Bowser fears him

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