Lady Petunia
Lady Petunia
Artwork of Lady Petunia
Full Name Lady Petunia
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance Clicky

Lady Petunia is the queen of Decrudo Land in the Clicky video game series. She looks over the land, making sure everyone is happy and healthy, although this is regularly interrupted by the evil residents of Tiksi. She is a sign of hope and peace for the residents of Decrudo Land.


Lady Petunia has short brown hair with specks of green in it. Instead of a crown, the rulers of Decurdo Land wear a necklace, in which Lady Petunia has around her neck. Her necklace resembles the sun which looks over Decrudo Land, keeping it safe. She wears a white, loincloth dress, the Queen's Gauntlets and straped boots. In her hands, she holds her staff which has leafs on it, resembling life.

Game Appearances


Lady Petunia made her debut appearance in the video game Clicky. She was kidnapped by Gonna, the leader of the evil Tiksi Town, and hidden in Gonna's Weather Tower which was situated in the sky on the stolen Mr. Climate's Haven.


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