Lady Illeana if a high citizen of the the Water Kingdom, and a distant cousin to Princess Peach.

Lady Illeana
Miss rose

Miss Illeana

love interest of Prince Pete
Full Name Lady Illeana
Current Age 25
Date of Birth March 6
Gender female
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status High class Mushroom Kingdom Citizen


She was seen in the mushroom kingdom living in a lovely mansion estate. She was born to very rich parents,
Lady redbush brawl
and had became best friends with Prince Peach as a child. The two hung out everyday together, and she also became friends with Daisy and the other princesses.

Physical Apperance

Lady Illeana bears many similar physical trait to Princess Peach, and also Pauline. She has many of Peach's facial features, her large eyes and pouty lips. However, Rose wears red lipstick, and her eyes are turquoise. Illeana has a distinct hourglass figure, like Pauline, and she wears a golden-colored ruffled gown. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair that curls at the end.


Lady Illeana makes a apperance in the new Galatica Comic edition. She is seen when Peter Toadstool asks her to the Shooting
Pete talking to Rose
Star summit and she agrees with a happy smile. When Peach is kidnapped, she also is kidnapped by Kamek and is held in his tower, and Mario must save her.