Robot Lady Diva
Full Name Robot Lady Queen
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location Patapon World
Current Status Deceased
Patapon Dimension
Main Weapon(s) Musical Weapon
Ability/ies Speed (Possibly) Musical Song
First Appearance Donkey Kong: King of Beats

Robot Lady Diva was a semi-final boss who actually Princess Figure's robot who was true Lady Diva. Before you defeat Lady Diva, the player grab seven Tiki Intruments to unlocked, but she appears and trie to fight the player.

In Battle

Lady Diva punch the player in her hand then punch again her another hand. She grab the player and holding tight. The player grab the hand and throw her face then Lady Diva was cracking and revealed as Princess Figure.

After she was defeated, she was revealed as a robot and she transformed into true Lady Diva and fight the player.

Destruction and Patapon Revealed

The player final blows and one punch then Lady Diva was finally destroyed. After she destroyed, The Tiki Intruments unlocked the door and revealed the Patapon and the Beats Medal which she was dead and slowly evolve into an true Lady Queen to fight the playable. She revealed that Lady Diva wasn't her, but Princess Figure is Lady Diva and she give extra world called Patapon World.