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Lady Bow Holiday DS is a game, that shows the Lady Bow and Bootler holidays. They want go to France, but the plane falls and she and Bootler stops in the Mushroom Kingdom Rougeport. Now theh have to back to Shroomy Shairport

Lady Bow

Bow: What happend?

Bootler: I don't know

Bow: I'm bored, i'm so boo-red

Bow: You're the worse servant ever!!! Because you, you, you spook the pilot, so it's YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU. I hate you Bootler

Bootler: You continues the same foolish kid, no? Lady asshole?

Bow: Shut up.

Bootler: Yes lady assh-oole

Bow: I say. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toadsworth: Er.....................................P-Please, i know who is you. Are you Bow, no?


Toadsworth M&LRQ

Toadsworth: Well, i can leave you for the Shairport


* Airbrone

** Spiky

*** Flame

**** Shell

***** Boss


Paragoomba *

Spiky Goomba **


Shy Guy

Sky Guy *

Spike Guy **

Pyro Guy ***

Koopa Troopa ****

Paratroopa * and ****

Spiky Koopa ** and ****

Buzzy Beetle ****

Red Bandit *****

Dry Bones ****

Tubba Blubba *****



Lee and Chan


Merli (Merlon's Cousin)

Riad the Raid Squid of the Radio

Items (Starters)


Super Mushroom

Ultra Mushroom

Life Mushroom


Fire Flower

Dizzy Dial

Sleepy Sheep

Iced Potado


Cake Mix







Yummy Coconut

Dried Fruit

Red Berry

Blue Berry

Yellow Berry

Bubble Berry

Thunder Cloud

Thunder Rage

Jammin' Jelly

Jammin' Holy

Shooting Star

Magic Wand



Snowman Doll

Poison Pan

Honey Syrup

Maple Syrup

Blueberry Syrup

Chocolate Syrup

Butterscoth Syrup

Jelly Syrup




Chocolate Milk

Yummy Powder

Milk Powder

Tree Leaf

Grass Leaf

Puni Leaf

Strange Leaf



Shy Gnut

Nugget Nut


Fried Egg

Dried Pasta

Dusty Hammer





Mario's Cap


Items (Baked)

Volt Shroom + Dizzy Dial: Medusa Mushroom

Fire Flower + Iced Potato: Ice Flower

Coconut + Butterscoth Syrup: Yummy Coconut

Volt-Shroom + Jammin' Holy: Life Mushroom

Chocolate Syrup + Milk: Chocolate

Chocolate + Milk Powder: Chocolate Powder

Chocolate Powder: Yummy Powder

Chocolate Powder + Milk Powder: Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk + Milk + Coffee: Cappuccino

Cappuccino + Fire Flower: Hot Chocolate

Tree Leaf + Koopnut: Koopa Leaf

Koopa Leaf + Cappuccino: Koopuccino

Cake Mix + Apple: Apple Pie

Cake Mix + Melon: Yoshi Cookie

Cake Mix + Strange Leaf: Strange Cake

Cake Mix + Strange Cake: Strange Soda

Strange Soda: Repel Gel

Cake Mix + Repel Gel: Volt Cake

Volt Cake + Mushroom: Volt-Shroom

Volt Cake + Volt-Shroom: Life Mushroom

Dried Pasta + Koopa Leaf: Koopasta

Iced Potato: Potato Salad

Iced Potato + Honey Syrup + Water: Potato Frozen

Potato Frozen + Fire Flower: Potato Shake

Super Mushroom + Iced Potato: Frost Mushroom

Juice: Tasty Tonic

Melon + Tasty Tonic: Super Soda

Yoshi Cookie: Yoshi Egg

Gengibread + Cake Mix: Gengibread Cookie

Puni Leaf + Milk: Slumber Breeze

Slumber Breeze + Dizzy Dial: Daze Breeze

Slumber Breeze + Strange Soda: Hurricane Leaf (Didn't work in more than 9 HP enemies, Mini Bosses or Bosses)

Cappuccino + Honey Syrup: Sweetieppuccino

Cappuccino + Jammin' Holy: Lifeppuccino

Cappuccino + Ultra Mushroom: Mega Mushroom

Thunder Rage + Fire Flower: Thunder Flower

Fire Flower: Spicy Soup

Lemon + Water: Lemonade

Lime + Water: Limenade

Lemon + Cake Mix: Lemon Candy

Lime + Cake Mix: Lime Candy

Cake Mix: Cake

Strawberry + Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix: Jellyberry Cake

Sugar + Flour: Cake Mix

Dizzy Dial + Water: Stop Watch

Mario's Cap + Pebble: Stone Cap



X FP Needed Description
Smack 0 Smack 6 Times in an enemy face. Every smack strips 1 HP
Fan Smack 2 Smack 4 Times in an enemy face. Every smack strips 2 HP. The fan is more powerful than than your hands
Multismack 5 Press DS A Button Button when the Red Star Button with star lights up, have nine of that. 1-3 of 9, Smacks 3 Times. 4-8 of 9, Smacks 6 Times, and the 9 times correctly, Smacks 9. (Every Punch strips 1 HP)
Power Smack 6 Give only 2 Powerful Smacks on the enemy. Every Smack strips 6 HP and have a chance of Daze an enemy


X FP Needed Description
Bonk 0 Bonk a single enemy. Strips 1 HP, you can make twice if press DS A Button correctly
Tattle 0 You make Tattle at an enemy, and all enemies of this type goes reveal your HP
Multibonk 1 Pressing DS A Button at the perfectly time you can bonk, bonk and bonk. The first bonk strips 2 HP, the others strips 1 HP. You can make in the maximum, 91 bonks
Magic 4 Press the buttons: DS A Button, DS B Button, DS X Button and DS Y Button as the sequence showned. Can takes 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP, 4 HP, 5 HP, 6 HP, 7 HP, 8 HP or 9 HP, depending of the quality of following the order

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