Lady Bow
Full Name Lady Bow
Location Forever Forest
Class Princess
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Fan

Lady Bow is a princess of the Boos and lives in Boo Mansion. She made her debut in the first Paper Mario game as the fifth party member. She is supposed to appear in an upcoming Mario Sports game.


Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star

In this story, Lady Bow's first appearance was the second chapter, where she was one of several guests that were attending Mario and Luigi's surprise birthday party at Princess Peach's castle. When Bowser and the Koopa Troop showed up to seize control of the princess's castle, Bow took part in the battle, but due to Bowser being granted invincibility from the power of the Chaos Star, neither she or any of the others were able to inflict any damage on the Koopa King.

During the events of the fifth chapter, Lady Bow and the rest of the heroes learned that the Chaos Star was not only an object that was meant to grant infinite power to the user, but has also opened a void in the sky that would eventually ravage the entire universe. When the heroes split up into groups to look for the eight Purity Stars (which were designed in order to combat the Chaos Star's destructive power), Bow tagged along with Luigi, Vivian, Doopliss, Mimi, and Nastasia to search for the Purity Star that resided at Ludwig von Koopa's horror-themed castle.


  • Lady Bow's first 3D appearance actually has a goof. Her bows are on the wrong sides.