Lacey (Folklore)
"Mary, I'm in your Garden...."
Full Name Lacey
Gender Female
Species Demonic Doll
Location Chesterfield


Family and Relations
Synthia (creator)

Mary (owner)

Eye color Indigo
Hair color Orange
Lacey is one of the main antagonist of the Folklore who stars in her own chapter with the same name. Lacey is a demonic doll, created by Synthia and then found by Mary, sometime in the 1860's, presumably 1863.


Lacey has a large round pale pink head and tattered orange yarn for hair. Lacey's face consists of two deep indigo buttons and a sewn on chelsea smile. Her arms and legs are basic cylinder shapes and lack hands and feet. She wears a dull rose colored rag dress lined with a lace ring.


Lacey is based on the unnamed doll from a story in Derbyshire folklore. The story goes as followed;

"Mary, I'm in the garden.... Mary, I'm your house.... Mary, I'm on your stairs.... Mary, I'm on the landing.... Mary, I'm in your Mom's Room.... Mary, your Mom's dead.... Mary, I'm back on the landing.... Mary, I'm in your doorway.... Mary, I'm on your bed.... Mary.... YOU'RE DEAD"

The story is also where the character Mary came from.


  • She is named after the material she is made of—Lace.
  • She is the second doll character introduced, after Kimberly.