Lab Rat
Performer(s) Cobweb (tbc)
Composer Cobweb (tbc)
Album(s) Technocide
Track Number(s) 4
Release Date(s)
June 2010
Genre Electronic music, ambient music, dark techno
Track Length 4:31 minutes
Previous Track Techno Volcano
Next Track N/A

Lab Rat is a track on Cobweb (tbc)'s EP Technocide, as well as the first single released in promotion of it.


The verses of the song feature a metronome-like clicking in the place of drums. The first bridge of the song begins soft, but grows in intensity as more and more shouting can be heard in the background. The second verse resumes after the bridge, which leads into the outro. The outro consists of almost all of the various elements of the song fade out, leaving nothing but what seems to be the sound of a car alarm running (the sound is actually a distorted and looped guitar track sampled from a YouTube video). There is another shouting segment during the outro, at the very end.


Lab Rat can be listened to along with the rest of the EP here, or by itself below:

Lab Rat