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This is my game. This game is the advanced version of the original 1996 game for the game boy advanced
LOL.pc RPG Advanced
Developer(s) Banner
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 200px-Gameboy_advance_logo.svg.png
Release Date(s)
September 12, 2005
Start game

save game

Age Rating(s)
50px-G_tag.svg.png 50px-DJCTQ_-_L.svg.png 50px-PEGI_7.svg.png 50px-ESRB_Everyone.svg.png 50px-USK6_neu2.svg.png NZG.jpg 50px-BBFC_U.svg.png 50px-CERO_A.svg.png
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included GBA cartridge


After the events of LOL.pc rpg.3: Metallic Maddness loler finds that the jewls are gone.So loler sets find to them


A - Fight *in battle only*

B - Special *in battle only*

L - Items

R - Technuiques

Start - Pause

Select - Switch menus

D-Pad - Move


yes like the first and second theres gameplay


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