LG Kex
The LG Kex's logo.
Developer(s) OrangeProductionsLogo
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) None
DLC, Netflix, Blu-Ray Player and CrackerConnection
Backward Compatibility None
Forward Compatibility None

The LG Kex is a home console system created by Orange Productions. The System has many features including the K Mart DLC, Arcade games along with the newest avatar, Kukkī People.

The LG Kex, like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, has an achievement system, in which gamers can collect Achievements to gain K Points, unusable points which can show off how many achievements you have gained.


  • The K Mart is the shop of the console. It features in buying:
    • Downloadable Content for Arcade AND normal games.
    • Kukkī Items, items for your Kukkī Person.
    • Downloadable Apps, such as downloading Netflix for 1000 Kukkī Points.
    • Demos to download, so you can try the game before you get it/it comes out.
  • Blu-Ray Player included INSIDE the system.
  • CrackerConnection (Also known as CC-Nection) is an online feature that lets you play online, download items, and talk to friends.
    • There are 3 types of CC-Nection:
      • Bronze CC-Nection: Connect to the Internet and you can "talk to friends"
      • Silver CC-Nection: $25.00 and Connect to the Internet, and you can "talk to friends", "download items", and "play online" (at low connectivity)
      • Gold CC-Nection: $35.00 and Connect to the Internet, and you can "talk to friends", "download items", and "play online" (at high connectivity)


Launch Games

The launch titles are games that are released on the same day of the LG Kex. Below is a list of launch games.

Arcade Games

Main Article: Category:Arcade Games for the LG Kex
Arcade Games are downloadable games that are new (although, sometimes, they are ports), and can be bought for K Points. Arcade Games, also called K Games: Arcade or KGAs, act similar to WiWare titles and arcade games of past consoles.

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