Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Release Date(s)
January 2015
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-adventure.
Role-playing game.
Series LEGO, Nintendomon
Media Included Game Disk

LEGOmon (also known as LEGOmon QUATRO and TECHNIC Versions) is an action-adventure role-playing game, developed by Locked Gaming and published by Activision. Despite not being Nintendo, the game is a part of the Nintendomon series. The game plays differently from most Nintendomon games, but not too much. Elements from previous LEGO games such as the game being puzzle-heavy, being able to customize some of the areas and multiple playable characters.

There are new features, such as the player being able to create their own "Pokémon" (called Minifigures on this game) by collecting LEGO pieces and giving it to Vitrivirus, who will create that Minifigure and give it to the player.



The gameplay in LEGOmon is largely similar to previous Nintendomon games and previous LEGO games. The player takes control of a Builder and has to defeat the Gym Leaders and the Elite 4 of LEGO World. On the overworld, the game plays similarly to other LEGO games, the player can freely explore the LEGO World, talk with people, solve puzzles and get new Minifigures. There is some sections that can only be unlocked with some characters and those characters can only be get by doing side-quests. The game has a list of the main quests and side-quests that the player has to do. After beating the game once, the player can modify the LEGO World, by adding or removing some parts of the world.

On battles, however, the game plays similarly to the other Nintendmon games. The game turns into a turn-based role-playing game where each Minifigure takes turns, the one that has the highest speed stat starts the battle (with some exceptions, like using the Quick Attack move). One of the main differences is being able to customize the Minifigure, giving it different pieces that allows to use different abilities and moves on battle and even change some of the stats and evolutions.


Character Description
The male character option.
The female character option.
The player's mentor on the LEGO World, he gives the player their first minifigure.


Click here to see the LEGODex.

The LEGODex is where the list of Minifigures is listed and registered.


Gym Leaders

Character Minifigures
Bad Cop
LegoBandit Bandit Lv. 12
PoliceOfficer Police Officer Lv. 14

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