LEGO Wheelzen is a game in the Wheelzen (series) based off of the Lego Nintendo Series and the LEGO (series).


Wheelzen finds a portal back to the land from Wheelzen Atomic, but there's a catch-it's in the FUTURE of that land! Wheelzen heads in and he finds a simulation machine that lets Wheelzen explore his memories in a virtual reality universe called L.E.G.O. Meanwhile, Sickly and Atomic see Wheelzen heading into L.E.G.O. and they decide to follow...

The story now branches off into three segments. One is Wheelzen playing through the first three games in the Wheelzen series. The second is Sickly playing through the first two games. The last segment is Atomic playing through the third game in the Wheelzen series.


50 characters have been revealed. It is unknown how to unlock these characters as of this time.

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