LEGO Spongebob: The Video Game is the fourth series to get a LEGO game. It has four episodes, each with 5 or 6 levels. The hub world is the Krusty Krab, where you can buy characters and extras as well as see your minikits and access levels. Each level has several reasons to replay it. These are: Becoming a True Frycook (getting a certain amount of studs), collecting 10 golden spatulas hidden in the level to build an object related to it, finding a hidden Krabby Patty so you can purchase a new extra at the Krusty Krab, and beating it in challenge mode- collecting 10 silver spatulas in under 10 minutes. Beating the level, becoming a True Frycook, finding 10 Golden Spatulas, and beating challenge mode each give you a gold brick. If you get every gold brick in the game, then something special gets unlocked!

Episode 1: Fun in Bikini Bottom

It's the weekend so Spongebob is off of work. He decides to go do stuff with his friends.

Level 1: Jellyfishing!

Location: Jellyfish Fields {C

Characters: Spongebob (Jellyfishing), Patrick {C /Buyable Characters: Jellyfish (Pink), Jellyfish (Blue), Jellyfish (Gold) {C

Boss: Giant Golden Jellyfish (summons jellyfish and zaps, build a cannon to hurt it)

Spongebob and Patrick decide they want to go jellyfishing first. They see a golden jellyfish and chase after it. BUT THE BIG GOLDEN JELLY FISH TRIES TO STOP THEM!!! Because this is the first level, it is easy and has lots of hints.

Level 2: Karate at the Treedome

Location: Sandy's Treedome, outside Sandy's Treedome

Characters: Spongebob (Water helmet), Sandy (No suit), Spongebob (Karate), Sandy (Karate) / Buyable characters: Karate-bot (red), Karate-bot (green)

Boss: Sandy (moves when you try to hurt her, Spongebob can turn into the Quickster and catch up to her)

Spongebob then decides to go and visit Sandy. Sandy has made a large obstacle course inside her treedome, and tries it out with Spongebob. Then they leave the treedome and have a battle but someone comes to stop it; and it's MR. KRABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 3: The Lagoon of Goo

Location: Goo Lagoon

Characters: Spongebob, Larry / Buyable Characters: Patrick, Sandy

Spongebob decides to go to Goo Lagoon.

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