LEGO All Stars is the latest addition to the LEGO game franshise by Traveler's Tales. It features characters from the LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Nintendo, Lego Batman/DC, LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, and LEGO Marvel games.


The gameplay is similar to the rest of the LEGO games; there are two different modes of play. The first is story mode, which unlocks characters and locks you into being able to only use certain characters. The other mode, which is unlocked after Story Mode, is Free Play.

Certain characters have certian abilities, which can unlock certain areas in levels.



LEGO Star Wars

  • Qui-Gon Jinn LegoForce
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi LegoForce

LEGO Indiana Jones

LEGO Nintendo

LEGO Batman/DC

LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO Lord of the Rings/Hobbit

LEGO Marvel

LEGO Other

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