LEGO™ Battle Royale is a fighting game (similar to Super Smash Bros.) based around LEGO. The characters and stages are made up from the company's famous brands such as DC, The LEGO Movie, The Simpsons e.g. It is being developed by Pink Block Games for the Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS. A NX version is set to come out a year after initial release.


The game is very similar to Smash Bros. with a few differences. Attacks are split into four main groups: Normal (very basic attacks), Range (long distance attacks), Close-Up (more powerful attacks) and Special. Each character only has one special attack and in order to be used a meter needs to be filled by taking damage. Special attacks are almost guaranteed to K.O the victim.

Damage taken is instead shown by a different meter and the more damage taken, the further you can be knocked off the stage.

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