Kyu (By White)
Kyu's new design
Full Name Kyu
Location Unknown
Class Kirby Doll
Main Weapon(s) Fangs

Kyu is a living vampire doll made to look like Kirby. He is friends with Gloome and Ryan Kat. Being a doll, he does not have to suck blood, but sometimes does as a form of attack. You can only use him in a game if you ask Stargazer45145 and he says yes.


Original Design

He is round and has teal skin. His shoes are light, his eyes are yellow-orange at the bottom, and his wings are black bat wings. He has sharp teeth, a blue-green tongue, and has little lines and dots where the wings and various parts where sewn on. 

2nd Design

He is a living doll based off of Popopos. He has turquoise-teal skin. His wings are black, and still have the small lines where they were sown on. He had sharp teeth, and a blue-green tongue. His eyes are yellow-orange, and he also has a purple claw.


Kyu was created as the 13th in a whole army of Kirby-like dolls that were created to match Kirby's strength. His creator Amonymous had plans to use them to take over the world. Kyu realized his creator was evil, and trying to stop when Amonymous, Levid, Birky, and Timn wiped his memories.


Add games that have Kyu in them.

  • The Legend of Kyu- In the Legend of Kyu, Kyu is the main character. His memories were wiped by Amonymous, and now is trying to figure his past.
  • Fan City Life Kyu is a demonic Popopo who loves to play pranks and create mischief in Fantendo City. He plays a prank on White in his debut.