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Kyo: The Dystopian Chronicles
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Namcom
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita
Genre(s) Fantasy Adventure
Release Date(s)
April 12, 2014 (NA)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Violence, Language, Dark Themes
Kyo: The Dystopian Chronicles is an action-adventure game developed by Namcom. It is developed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PSV. The game focuses on Kyo, a young feline creature who tries to find out what he is while trying to fit in a big cruel place.

The game is released worldwide on Saturday, April 12, 2014.



After his home cave collapsed from a mysterious quake, young zuger Kyo goes out in the wilderness with his teddy bear Russ. During his walk in the outskirts, Kyo gets captured by a group of hostile poachers and their leader, Ren Agade. Ren brings Kyo to his camp prison where he meets another prisoner, a calm mystic girl named Marca. When the authorities attack the camp, Kyo and Marca try to escape but Ren catches them and before he can kill Kyo, Marca shoots Ren in the face with a pistol, killing him. Marca gets traumatized for killing Ren, but Kyo calms her down and they walk into the woods to take Marca home. During the walk, the two go into a cave with ancient drawings on the wall and Kyo picks up a mysterious staff on the ground that gives Kyo special powers.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Dystopia

Finally, Kyo and Marca go to Marca's hometown, Dystopia, a steampunk city in the bottom of a tall canyon. Kyo takes Marca to her home, a small apple farm called "Apple Acres", and he meets Marca's neighbors: a short green creature named Fungus, a bear named Dizzy, a lizard named May and a nerdy purple goblin named Kenny. Marca lets Kyo sleep in her house for the night, and the next morning Marca tells Kyo to go get apples in the Dystopia market so she can make her apple pie. Before leaving, Kyo notices a wanted poster of a $50 Million prize for a Zuger caught dead or alive. He shows the poster to Marca, who became concern about letting Kyo out in public but Kyo has an idea to go in disguise: with a pair of pants and bandana to hide his Zuger tail and ears, Kyo goes out to town. At the market, Kyo meets a reptile named Vergil, who somehow already knew Kyo is a Zuger and promises to let him have $50 Million by working for him. Kyo refuses and goes back to Marca's with the apples. Back at home, Kyo asks Marca if there is a way to "make him different". Marca reveals that the Dystopian doctor might give Kyo a surgery to hide away his zuger parts.

However, when the two found out that the operation is cost $50 Million which Marca can't afford, Kyo changes his mind and accepts his deal with Vergil. After Kyo captures 3 outlaw leaders; Noisy Ned, Acid Dile and Hoggin Henry, and doing some other tasks for some of his other friends, Vergil takes Kyo to a huge underground arena known as "The Ring" where Vergil reveals he is using the $50 Million to get himself a job at the company of Mayor Scumpbag, the mayor of Dystopia. Vergil then brings in a giant cyborg outlaw named Nickels to kill Kyo, who defeats him. Afterwords, Nickels becomes Kyo's friend.

Chapter 2: Family of Thieves

A few weeks after Kyo settled the outlaw gangs of Dystopia, Marcia's treasure hunting sister Kamy comes over to visit Apple Acres where she explains to everyone how she is trying to search for the ancient artifact down below a forgotten tomb built a millinium ago. Curious about the tomb, Kyo asks Kamy if he can come with her and she happily let's him. Driving on Kamy's truck down to an old well, the 2 climb down the well only to get washed down by muddy water into the tomb. Kamy is stuck in the sludge muk and can't get up, so Kyo gets her out with falling ceiling tiles. Going down the tomb, Kyo gets across a mud river with Kamy's help and finally finds the artifact: a stone drawing of a Zugor's head.

Going back to Apple Acres, Kyo wants to keep the stone which Kamy doesn't mind. That night, when everyone was asleep, Kyo wakes up to hear strange noises out the window. When he hears the sound of a window breaking, he rushes downstairs only to get confronted by a cloaked thief who steals the stone drawing. Chasing after the mysterious theif with the help of Fungus and Dizzy, the trio end up tumbling down a steep cave and into the sewers where they find an empty small town. Kyo finds the cloaked thief in the a bar where a huge bar fight enuses, with Kyo realizing the thief is actually female named Sky who is part of a gang of bandits lead by a tough guy named Wes, a retired member of Security Qualification with Armed Kluckers (S.Q.A.K). Wes explains that the place he worked in known as Featherton is being more richer and richer because the land owner Feathers Inbunch is stealling the money and riches from other lands. At first, Kyo said he wanted to go home but after Wes said Dystopia is Feather's next target, he decides to help the bandits out. To be a member of the gang, Kyo is ordered by Wes to retrieve his knife he dropped down a dark hole that is part of the "Cave of the Beast", a cave that alot of people including Dizzy believe it is the home of a vicous monster. Despite the warnings from Dizzy and Fungus, Kyo goes down the cave and finds the knife only to get confronted by the beast, a giant baby dragon that Kyo managed to tame. Once taming the dragon, Kyo goes back to the surface with both the knife and dragon. Wes is pleased with Kyo and let's him and his friends part of the gang, while Fungus wants to keep the dragon as a pet and names him "Percy".

Wes then organizes a plan to steal all the money in Feather's vault. First, Kyo has to sneak into Feather's room in his palace and break everything in sight so Feathers can call the S.Q.A.K Team. After Kyo does his task, Fungus volunteers to destroy all the S.Q.A.K jeeps with a turret. With the ground forces gone, the bandits have to take out the S.Q.A.K's air force. Stealling a S.Q.A.K Eagle (jet plane), Kyo shoots down every Eagle including a helicopter. With S.Q.A.K's best vehicles destroyed, the bandits sneak into Feather's Palace with Kyo and Wes sneaking passed the courtyard guards as the others sneak underground. When Kyo and Wes snuck inside the palace and tried to open the safe holding the money, they get gun point by S.Q.A.K Soldiers. Meanwhile, Fungus, Dizzy and the other bandits who are still underground notice tall columns that are holding the safe and Dizzy travels around the caves to collect exploding boom bugs to destroy the columns. Before the soldiers can shoot Kyo and Wes, the boom bugs explode and collapses the safe with the money in it. Kyo and Wes then run through many buildings with S.Q.A.K on pursuit, shooting down and collapsing the buildings they are in. The gang ride down to the bandit's town with the money, only to get confronted by Feathers Inbunch who tries to kill the bandits once and for all as they stole his money. Kyo fights Feathers and defeats him, with Feathers getting whacked into the sky by Kyo's staff and crashing into his palace.

Chapter 3: Threat, Jealousy and Murder

Kyo and the other bandits pack up all the money and put it into sacks, and Wes lets Kyo, Dizzy and Fungus keep a sack as a reward. Wes wants to have a talk with Kyo in his room about Sky, where he explains that Sky has never been in beautiful places like Apple Acres so Kyo agrees to let her tag along on their way back to Apple Acres. When the trio and Sky are back in Apple Acres, they noticed Dystopia is suffering a mysterious gas that causes pollution around the city. Kyo volunteers to investigate the mysterious gas while Sky introduces herself to the others, who all grow and interest bonding into her which grows Kyo a little jealous.

Kyo tries to help alot of problems around town, but before he can do it Sky always finishes it, winning affection from the others. When everyone in Apple Acres has a feast for Sky and her thief gang as a reward for repairing the disasters, Kyo had the last straw with Sky and tries to lock her in the barn. He tricks her into thinking someone is trapped in there which she falls into, but this goes out of hand as Kyo accidentaly sets the farm on fire and he ends up knocking down a cart that rams Sky down the waterfall, presumably to her death. When everyone comes over to see what the ruckus was, they realized about what happened to Sky.

Dizzy, Fungus, Nickels, Toenailz, Swatty and Marcia all believe in Kyo but Violet and the others all thought Kyo tried to murder Sky out of jealousy. As Violet angrily reprimands Kyo, he angrily bites her arm which severly caused intense bleeding. Violet has a furious argument with Marcia along with everyone else, not noticing that Kyo ran out of the house and tries to drive away in Violet's mustang. Violet sees this and tries to stop him but Kyo takes off, driving as far as he could.

Chapter 4: Out in the Wilderness

Kyo runs out of gas and finds himself in the woods. As he climbs up the hills, he encounters Sky who is all covered in mud from the fall. Kyo gets overjoyed that Sky is alive but she tackles Kyo and tries to attack him to get revenge, which results the 2 zugers tumbling down a river bank and landing in a swamp. Kyo puts an end to the fight with Sky and they try to walk out of the woods, with Kyo watching the girl.

As the two zugers walk into the swamp, they get ambushed by a native tribe of primates known as the "Ooka Tribe" and taken to their village, where they meet the tribe's Queen Qya and her baby son, Etran who was adopted by the queen from a plane crash. The duo are then taken prisoner for trespassing the Ooka's property and put in the village's jail. A few hours later, Qya releases Kyo and Sky from their cells and explains that if they want to live with them, they have to work like them. In the Ooka Tribe females go hunting while males guard the village, with Sky dragged to go hunting with the other woman and Kyo has to guard the village with the men. Sky goes with Qya and the other woman into the swamp to capture a "Swamp Hog" and she has to be the searcher.

Going deep in the swamp to find a Swamp Hog, Sky manages to locate one and gives the signal to Qya and the others, who all vicously tackle the hog and mualed it to death with their sharp fangs, much to Sky's disgust. Meanwhile, Kyo is on guard with the other male Ooka's waiting for the girls to return with the hog, so when the girls came back with the dead hog all the Ooka's have a roasted dinner. Kyo and Sky also eat some hog meat, and Kyo asks Qya if he can have another job so she gives him a job as a shephard where he has to watch the Swamp Hogs locked in a pen. One of the hogs sneaks out of his pen and wonders off, so Kyo tries to go after it. Kyo soon loses track of the hog in the woods until he heard sqealling, and soon finds the hog dead with savage bite marks on it's back. He rushes back to the pen only to confront Qya who demands why he isn't on his post, and Kyo tells her about the runaway Hog's slaughter. Qya, hearing this, explains to Kyo that the creature who killed the hog is feared by the whole village, a large ferocious beast known as "Blood". She also explains that Blood killed Etran's parents on the day she adopted him, which Kyo sees why Qya is so attached to the baby. During their conversation, Qya tells Kyo about the forest far away from Dystopia where other zugers run free known as the "Clover Woods" which excites Kyo to finally meet more of his own race.



Main Characters

  • Kyo: The Main Protagonist. He is a Zugor who has lived in a cave all his life with his teddy bear. He spent his life trying to find his missing family.
  • Marca: A young lady who Kyo meets in the poacher camp. She takes good care of Kyo like a mother.
  • Fungus: A green creature who never washes himself, ever. He is grouchy and sassy.
  • Kenny: A purple goblin who is a nerd. He is good friends with Fungus.
  • Dizzy: An orange bear who works as the sherrif of Apple Acres. He is also Kyo's #1 best friend.
  • Swatty: An annoying robotic hand who Kyo saves in the junkyard.
  • Nickels: A big cyborg who is the leader of an outlaw gang. He tried to kill Kyo, but he soon became friends with him.
  • Sky: A female Zugor who lured Kyo to Wes. She began stealling all the heroic glory from Kyo that leads him to become jealous of her.

Other Characters

  • Toenailz: A weasel who is great at pulling off jobs, including pranks.
  • Dennis: An insect who acts like a total punk.
  • May: A tough lizard lady who is more braver then her boy friends.
  • Violet: Mr. Lobber's 17-year old daughter. Her attitude is worse than her dad's.
  • Barge: A big red goblin with strong muscles.
  • Kamy: Marcia's sister who is obsessed with exploring temples and looting treasure.
  • Dr. Skuttle: The only docter of Dystopia. He promised to give Kyo a surgery for $50 Million.
  • Queen Qya: The queen of the Ooka Tribe and the adopted mother of baby Etran.
  • TBA


  • Nickles
  • Noisy Ned: A short outlaw who's been robbing Dystopia trains.
  • Acid Dile: A crocodile outlaw who invaded Dystopia's boiling station illegally.
  • Hoggin Henry: A pig outlaw who's been stealing Dystopia's electronics to power his "machines".


  • Wes: The leader of the bandits and a father figure to Sky.
  • Tagdor: The big, muscle of the bandits.
  • Muhma: A fat girl who wears a genie dress. She later became Fungus's girlfriend.
  • Sky


  • Vergil: A green lizard who tries to earn leadership by tricking Kyo into helping him.
  • Ren Agade: A cruel, heartless leader of a gang of poachers who took Kyo prisoner. He was killed when shot in the face by Marcia right before he was about to kill Kyo.
  • Feathers Inbunch: The land owner of Featherton. He steals money from many countries which causes his country to get richer and richer.
  • S.Q.A.K: The security forces of Featherton and Feathers Inbunch's top bodyguards.
  • S.Q.A.K Pilot: Only 2 can be found in the game and serve as sub bosses. They pilot the S.Q.A.K Jeep and Eagle.
  • Blood: A vicious monster who lurkes in the jungle who kills anything he sees with his bloody fangs.
  • TBA


  • Noisy Ned
  • Acid Dile
  • Hoggin Henry
  • Nickels
  • Sky
  • S.Q.A.K Jeep
  • S.Q.A.K Eagle
  • TBA


Through out the game, Kyo has quests to complete for people such as getting stuff for them or helping them out in a problem.

Telivision Series

A telivision series based on this game is aired on June 2014.

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