Kyhthesis, as they appear in Fantendo Sports Resort.
Full Name Kyhthesis
Gender Non-Binary
Species Tellusan
Location Unknown
Current Status  ???
Class Unknown
First Appearance The Battle for Tommorowland (first unofficial appearance)

Fantendo Sports Resort (first official appearance)
Community Character 2015 (The Fourquel?) Blog (conception)

Kyhthesis (also known as Ky) is the third community character, following Zerita and Denos. The character design process began on May 29, 2015, finishing on June 3, 2015. The character has appeared in a couple games since their conception, namely Fantendo Sports Resort.

They are the first community character that doesn't appear to have any ties to Unten.


Kyhthesis appears to be a blue skinned humanoid with green crystals "infected" over their skin. They have four tentacles, with each tentacle having their own face. They typically wear a black sleeveless shirt and brown baggy pants. They do not wear shoes or socks.



Game AppearancesEdit

The Battle for TomorrowlandEdit

Kyhthesis makes their first (albeit unofficial) appearance in the Lapis Wiki umbrella game known as The Battle for Tomorrowland.

Kyhthesis is a boy with a virus that effects his skin and grows tentacles on his back. Although his punches land harder due to his crystal hard skin and he can attack from multiple angles with his back tentacles, he seems unhappy with himself, likely because it's a curse and not a gift. His hands can be straight-up lobbed off if he takes too much damage and the tentacles spew a noxious liquid that really stinks (but it has no real gameplay mechanic).

As this was done before the character was fully finished, things like the characters gender and design have been altered since this appearance.


Fantendo Sports ResortEdit

Fantendo Smash Bros. StrikeEdit

Kyhthesis is set to appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.

Being a DLC fighter, they play no role in the plot.



  • The final design was done by Brochi.